5.7 HEMI Oil Pan Bolt Torque, Size and Specs (Explained)

Hands down, 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolts are part and parcel of an oil pan. They assist in fastening the pan to the engine’s cylinder block. So there is not a single chance of neglecting its necessity, which means you must be well aware of its basics. 

So let’s get the details of the 5.7 HEMI oil pan torque size, and specs right here without further chit-chat! 

5.7 HEMI Oil Pan Bolt Size

Note that oil pan bolts don’t come in a universal size. Depending on the brand, model, and product, the size will vary. As a result, you can’t grab any of that and start using it interchangeably! Each size comes in a specific height, including length and width. 

For a better understanding, you can go through the given chart where I shared their approximate dimensions along with their current price range –

Product NameDimensionPrice Details
Mopar OE HEMI Oil Pan BoltsM6 x 1.0 x 25mmClick Here
5.7 ARP 440-1802 Oil Pan Bolts6.5L x 9.3W x 0.1H inchesClick Here
5.7 ARP 140-1801 Oil Pan Bolts6.2L x 9.0W x 0.3H inchesClick Here
5.7 ARP 440-1801 Oil Pan Bolts7.0L x 9.2W x 01H inchesClick Here

Considering the type and exact size of your vehicle’s oil pan, you must get your hands on the bolt that matches perfectly.

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5.7 HEMI Oil Pan Bolt Torque

In short, torque refers to the required amount of force in terms of tightening or twisting any object. And note that for oil pan bolts, you can expect the torque to be 105” pounds (9 ft. lbs.) for both 6.1 and 5.7 HEMI engines. 

5.7 HEMI Oil Pan Bolt Specs

Depending on the type, model, and brand, every 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolt consists of a specific list of features. However, you will find them almost similar while considering some specific specifications, like –

  • They come in a hex-style head to match an oil of aluminum and steel.  
  • From 0.87 to 0.88, each bolt package comes in an ultra-lightweight structure.
  • Being an “OEM replacement part,” 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolts fit numerous hardware, including IndyCar, marine applications, NASCAR, and so on.

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5.7 hemi Torque Specs

Here are the torque specs for 5.7 Hemi engine:

FastenerTorque Specification
Cylinder head boltsStep 1: 20 ft-lb, Step 2: 45 ft-lb, Step 3: 90 degrees
Intake manifold bolts10 ft-lb
Exhaust manifold bolts18 ft-lb
Rocker arm bolts22 ft-lb
Pushrod nuts22 ft-lb
Crankshaft pulley bolt110 ft-lb
Flywheel bolts95 ft-lb
Main bearing cap boltsStep 1: 30 ft-lb, Step 2: 60 ft-lb, Step 3: 90 degrees
Connecting rod boltsStep 1: 30 ft-lb, Step 2: 60 ft-lb, Step 3: 90 degrees

How to Remove a Broken 5.7 HEMI Oil Pan Bolt: Step-by-Step Instructions

Sometimes, a 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolt may get damaged or broken due to over-tightening or cross-threading. So when you get into taking it off without having adequate knowledge, chances are the oil pan will get ruined being inappropriately handled!

Here, I’ll walk you through the 8 efficient steps to try out in order to remove a broken 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolt –

Tools Needed: 

Getting fully prepared is the key to completing the task with less time and minimal effort. So, let’s get started by collecting the following things:

  • A floor jack 
  • A center punch
  • Hammer 
  • Electric drill (left-handed) with a set of bit
  • A bolt extractor  
  • Tap
  • A small-sized crescent wrench (optional) 

Step-1: Raising the Car

Using a floor jack, your first duty should be lifting up the car. Make sure you’ve adjusted the jack stands in such a way that it’s facing toward the frame. 

Step-2: Taking Off the Oil Pan

Next, locate the exact spot of the oil pan on your vehicle, which you can find underneath the engine block in an attached position. 

Step-3: Placing the Dimple

Let’s determine the middle position of the damaged bolt’s exposed part in terms of punching a dimple. For this, get yourself a hammer and center punch. In this way, it will be easier for you to eliminate the bolt, and that too without ruining the engine block’s thread.

Step-4: Preparing the Drill

Get your hands on the electric drill, including the bit you’ve collected before. Set the bit in such a way that it can achieve the ability to cut through a backward rotation. 

That’s how you’ll get maximum convenience in terms of grabbing the damaged bolts. In order to avoid issues, you can take support from someone who can deal with it.

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Step-5: Begin Drilling

Start drilling into the oil pan bolt at a snail’s pace using the existing drill bit. Afterward, pick up a relatively bigger bit from the set in terms of making a larger hole around that. Keep on doing this till you’ve eliminated the majority of the damaged bolt. 

Step-6: Removing the Oil Pan Bolt

Once you’ve made the hole, get your hands on a single piece of bolt extractor in terms of pushing it towards the hole. Start rotating it in an anticlockwise direction so that you can gradually take off the oil pan bolt. 

For ease, it’s preferable to use an extra crescent wrench. 

Step-7: Thread Repairing

As you’ve made a relatively large hole to take off the broken oil pan bolt, it’s time to get those threads well-repaired using a standard tap. Besides that, pay attention to casting away the debris and metal chips from that hole. 

Step-8: Installing a New Oil Pan Bolt

By taking as much idea as possible from the manual, get into installing a new oil pan bolt accordingly. Once you’ve seen the oil pan is in satisfactory condition, you’re allowed to fill your vehicle engine with adequate amounts of fresh oil!

To get a practical view, feel free to watch the given video –

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FAQs About 5.7 Hemi Torque Specs

There might be a few more questions in your mind concerning the 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolts, is it? If so, then move a step forward and get to see the answers I gave based on research and experiences:

What if I overtighten the 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolts?

Chances are you’ll unintentionally break the threads or ruin the rubber gasket by over-tightening oil pan bolts. Even if you haven’t done any damage, stay assured that the next time, you’ll have a hard time taking off the filter and plug being extremely tight!

Which tool should I need to eliminate a stuck 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolt?

A standard ratchet is one of the handiest tools in terms of unscrewing a stuck HEMI oil pan bolt. All you need is to confirm whether it stands firmly on the bolt or not because, without a power motion, you’ll fail to get it unstuck!

How much should I spend on replacing the 5.7 oil pan?

The replacement cost will vary, depending on the car’s model, make, and manufacturing year. Generally, the range of replacement can be around 20-1000 dollars, where labor costs might be either included or excluded.  

Which material do 5.7 HEMI oil pan bolts use?

Basically, the build quality depends on the type, brand, and model of the HEMI 5.7 oil pan bolt you get yourself. But in most cases, you’ll find them constructed with heavy-duty steel with a combination of metal finishes in order to last longer. 

How often do I need to change oils in my 5.7 HEMI engine?

For instance, if you’re a standard user of a Ram 1500 consisting of a 5.7L engine, you’ll need to refill the oil after running 10000 Miles at a stretch.
The duration of changing the oil varies if you often drive over rough roads. For that, refill after every 1 thousand miles.

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