Hello, my name is Chad and I’m the founder and Chief Editor of Car Fluid Pro.

I’m a mechanic and motorist located in Florida and love to educate the public about everyday problems faced by vehicle owners based on my experience troubleshooting the issues brought into my shop. Car fluids are often overlooked but are the bloodline of each vehicle and vital to the long term health and performance of one of the largest assets you own, your car. This is my passion.

CarFluidPro.com is my blog offering free troubleshooting information, resources and guides for car owners and mechanics. The objective is to provide well-researched and real life information about maintaining your vehicles car fluid for ultimate performance and longevity.

Our readers can explore comprehensive product reviews, comparisons and guides on each type of vehicle fluid which are becoming more important as the importance and necessity of used cars rises. So stay tuned and increase your automotive knowledge!