P0521 Code: The Ultimate Guide

What does error P0521 mean?

Opel error P0521 – Incorrect engine oil pressure sensor reading.

Every modern Opel vehicle is equipped with an engine control unit (EMC). This unit controls the operation of the engine based on information from sensors installed in the vehicle.

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One of these sensors is the oil pressure sensor which determines what mechanical oil pressure is present in the engine. It transmits this information to the control unit in the form of a voltage value.

The ECU provides information about engine oil pressure to the driver in one of two ways. Some vehicles have an arrow gauge on the dashboard that shows exactly how much oil pressure exists in the engine.

Other vehicles do not have an oil pressure gauge, but a warning light will illuminate or an emulation of the oil pressure gauge will appear on the LCD display if there is a problem with the oil pressure.

If the EMC detects an engine oil pressure value above/below the permissible range or it does not change when it should fluctuate, error code P0521 will be stored in the Opel control unit.

Causes of error P0521

  • Open or shorted wiring in oil pressure sensor circuit
  • Mechanical failure of Opel engine
  • Malfunction in the oil supply system

The most common cause of error P0521 is incomplete or irregular service. Lack of regular oil changes and oil level checks can lead to a critical drop in engine oil pressure. Oil consumption, in the majority of motors is about 800-900 grams of oil per 5000 km.

Symptoms of error P0521 Opel

As mentioned above, the presence of problems with oil pressure in the engine, the car warns on the dashboard with a gauge indicator.

In addition to error P0521 in we have already mentioned above, this problem is usually accompanied by a warning from the control unit memory panel can store related error codes – P0520, P0522, P0523, P0524.

The oil level in the car’s engine may be too low, without the driver being aware of it because it does not have an accurate reading. Another symptom may be a loud noise when the engine is running. If you don’t refill the oil, the engine may fail.

Opel error P0521 diagnosis

Diagnosis of error P0521 begins with the fact that the scanner OBD-II read all the error codes stored in the control unit. If the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard is lit, it may also help to understand the problem.

After that it is necessary to check the oil level in the engine, if the level is normal, it is necessary to erase all error codes and start the engine.

If after that this error appears again when the oil level is normal, then the cause is in the wiring, the oil pressure sensor or the control unit.

Frequent errors when diagnosing error P0521

It may be necessary to replace the oil pressure sensor to resolve error P0521, but this should not be done until a complete diagnosis has been performed.

Clearing the error code, extinguishing the “Check Engine” light, and not inspecting the engine can send the customer on the road with a huge problem under the hood that will come back as an engine that needs an overhaul.

How serious is the error P0521 Opel?

If you contact the specialists in time, the error P0521 will not cause much concern. However, if you delay a trip to the service and continue to drive the car with this error – it can lead to serious damage to the engine Opel. At the very least, it will be costly.

What needs to be repaired to fix error P0521

Often only an oil change and/or error reset is needed.https://www.youtube.com/embed/W9EL9QHCDMo

Oil pressure sensor wiring repair

Oil pressure sensor replacement

Engine repair

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