Average BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost 2023[Dealership Rates]

Are you thinking of changing the brake fluid in your BMW? Is this the right time? Yep, it is. Your BMW needs its brake fluid to be changed to ensure proper and safe braking performance. 

The BMW brake fluid change cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the model of your BMW, your location, and from where you get the service done. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for a brake fluid change. It can be charged cheaper at a BMW dealership.

We know that the brake fluid absorbs moisture present in the air; consequently, it drops its effectiveness. Ultimately, it results in minimizing braking performance and maximizing the chances of mishaps on the road. To prevent such mishaps, it is necessary to change the brake fluid more frequently.

In this article we will talk about that how much to change brake fluid and also discuss the complete process of changing the brake fluid.

How much does BMW brake fluid change cost?

Whenever you think about changing the brake fluid of your BMW, the first thing that comes to your mind would obviously be its cost. 

As I have mentioned, the BMW brake fluid change cost above is around $100 to $200. Moreover, it depends on the quality of the new brake fluid you choose for your BMW. 

Along with the choice of new brake fluid, the cost of your auto repair or brake service labour is also considerably important when estimating the cost of a brake fluid change. Other things that influence the cost include your car’s model, engine, and framework.

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How to change the brake fluid of a BMW?

There are many options that you can go for to change the brake fluid of your BMW. Either you can take your BMW to the dealership, the automotive service shop, or even do it yourself at home. Yes, I am serious. You can do it yourself as well. If not, then following are some detailed price ranges for changing the brake fluid in your BMW.

  1. BMW Dealership  

If you take your BMW to the dealership, the expense of changing the brake fluid can cost you around $200. Although dealership servicing is more costly than that of local auto technicians, it is considered to be the most secure option for your car’s maintenance. If your vehicle is still under warranty, it is a golden chance for you. 

Simply contact your BMW dealership to know the estimated BMW brake fluid change cost. You may also verify if you can get your car modified according to your wishes. Then take your BMW to him and let the brake fluid be changed and renewed.

  1. Automotive service

If you are not willing to go to a dealership, choose an automotive store. Then, usually, the expense of brake fluid exchange in all the BMW cars is between 70 and 150 dollars.

The reason why it is thought to be very expensive is because it is a tricky process; therefore, the workers ask for a comparatively large amount of labour. 

While the fluid in the brake is cheap, On the other hand, most of the vehicle service shops will provide you with a comprehensive brake service or a brake fluid flush; that’s why they charge more than others. Their comprehensive services include:

  • Removal of the old brake fluid 
  • Replacement of the brake fluid
  • Cleaning of the lines of brakes
  • Checking the leakage points around the brake
  • Checking of the brake pads, rotors, and hoses
  • Driving the vehicle for testing the brake
  1. Do it yourself

It seems unusual, but yes, it is possible. You can change the brake fluid in your BMW by yourself. Changing your car’s braking fluid is not a difficult task, but it requires a little practice. Braking fluid is not very expensive, and all it takes is a little time and effort to complete this task. 

What you have to do is simply order the suitable bottle for your BMW and replace it effortlessly at home. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money. If you’ve got good skills on this, you can change the fluid easily in your garage; you don’t even need to go to any local shop or buy any expensive tool. 

However, if you are not good at mechanical skills, and you don’t want to ruin your BMW, it is a suggestion not to do it by yourself; let the professionals do their job.

What Is The Process Of Changing The Fluid?

During a brake fluid flush service, the technician or mechanic will do the following steps:

  • Step 1. First of all, he would find the brake fluid reservoir.
  • Step 2. Then he would drain out the contaminated, old brake fluid.
  • Step 3. Clean out the debris left in the braking space.
  • Step 4. Then he would check if the brake caliper, brake pad, brake rotor, brake pedal, or any other brake component needed to be repaired or replaced.
  • Step 5. Then he will replace your brake fluid with a high-quality new fluid.
  • Step 6. Finally, he will use the break to check if the brake system is working properly.

How Long Does The Brake Fluid Change Take?

The time taken by the mechanics varies depending on the service you want to get done. For most BMWs, the average time taken for a brake fluid change is around 45 minutes to almost 1 hour. 

It is important to note that it is just an estimate. However, this can vary depending on the model of BMW and the mechanic’s skills in getting the service done. Actual time can also vary depending on factors such as any additional maintenance or repairs that may need to be done during the process.

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Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the BMW brake fluid change cost:

1.What is a brake fluid exchange in a BMW?

It is a process conducted by a professional BMW technician. Just like other fluids in your BMW car, the brake fluid also needs to be changed and renewed. It doesn’t get damaged frequently, but it should be replaced as a precaution. 

This process basically removes all the old fluid from each brake line and replaces it with new, fresh fluid. Renewal of brake fluid is necessary because dirt, metal, and rubber debris can decrease the efficiency of your BMW car.

Why is the brake fluid change necessary for BMW?

The brake system of your car is important for your safety. So if it is not in the best condition, it may risk your life because the bad performance of a brake may get the car out of control. 

Therefore, it is very necessary to let it be checked by professional technicians to repair the brake and other automotive parts of our BMW car.

Why does the brake fluid corrode?

Brake fluid is hygroscopic because of its natural chemical design. It contains hydraulic components; therefore, it absorbs moisture more easily. 

Moreover, the master cylinder of your car, brake lines, proportioning valves, and calipers are all made of aluminium or steel. And steel is a metal that corrodes with moisture. This is the reason that brake fluid wears out.


All you need to know about the total average expense of changing the brake fluid on your BMW is included in this article. There you have it—everything you need to know about the BMW brake fluid change cost. You must have learned that it is not necessary to take the BMW to the dealership to change the brake fluid. You can go for other, cheaper ways of getting this service done. 

Most local shops will do it with little charge, but mostly they offer a comprehensive service package that is costly. Why choose such local service shops when you can do it yourself? By doing so, you can save money. But you just need a little expertise in this skill.

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