Berryman b12 Chemtool Review: Carburetor, Injector Cleaner

Cleaning a fuel injector of an engine provides a smooth run with durable performance. Without cleaning these parts of an engine, you may face poor acceleration from automobiles. Additionally, you may find a rough idling performance, when the fuel injector becomes dirty. Let’s check Berryman b12 Chemtool Review

However, Berryman b12 Chemtool is one of the best performers to clean a jammed fuel injector. Besides, this cleaner enhances engine performance by removing gum, varnish, and other fuel wastes. Also, this cleaner is preferable for many racers to make the piston, valve, rings, fuel tanks of the engine smoother. Fuel Evaporation Leakage Check (Causes & Prevention)

Berryman Products 0116 B-12 Chemtool Carburetor Review

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Berryman’s b12 is the best solution to improve the fuel system of an engine. Also, this Chemtool b12 is handy to clean injectors in the fuel system of the engine. This efficient chemical contains high-quality solvent technology to clean moisture and gum quickly. 



You can use this Berryman b-12 in all types of gasoline power engines such as cars, boats, or lawnmowers. Interestingly this chemical works on both carburated engines and fuel engines. Besides, this Chemtool enhances the injector life and keeps the catalytic converter safe.


This injector cleaner can clean the fuel tank along with the piston, valve, and ring. Additionally, you can use this Berryman product with all types of fuel engines. Due to the HEST power in this Chemtool, you will get high compression to save the oxygen sensor.


The b12 Chemtool injector cleaner has powerful ingredients to quickly clean moisture, varnish, and gum in the injectors. The product contains 40 percent toluene, 25 percent ketone, and methanol for engine safety. The presence of methyl ethyl ketone is only 1-3 percent in thisBerryman product.


  • Reduce fuel emission
  • Increase fuel consumption
  • High-quality solvent technology
  • Develop engine power
  • Easy to pour
  • Can use in fuel engine
  • Increase injector durability
  • HEST power
  • Quick performance
  • Can used in all gasoline engine
  • Low operation cost
  • Catalytic converter safe
  • Clean total fuel system
  • Can clean varnish, gum, and moisture


  • False engine check may occur after cleaning the fuel injector
  • Not suitable of diesel engine

What is b12 chemtool used for?

Berryman B-12 Chemtool Carburetor, Fuel System and Injector Cleaner is a true multifunctional carburetor and fuel system cleaner to remove gummy deposits that build up inside the engine and carburetor, to clean.

If your automobile is hard starting, hesitating, not idling properly, stalling, dropping power, acting sluggish or running irregularly after 30 to 90 days of use. It is designed to dissolve gum and varnish deposits in carburetors, fuel injectors, and intake valves.

How to use Berryman b12 Chemtool fuel injector cleaner

Though the Berryman Chemtool enhances the engine performance, using it regularly is not good. You should maintain a proper limit to mixing it with engine fuel in cleaning injectors. Otherwise, there is a possibility of damaging the engine by excessive Chemtool. So, find the proper guide for using b12 Chemtool to the next.

Maintain mixing ratio

When you want to pour the cleaner into your fuel tank, you need to measure the fuel in the tank. According to the amount of fuel level in the tank, you have to measure the amount of the cleaner. Generally, you can mix the 1-ounce cleaner with 1-gallon fuel to clean all debris off the injector.

Wait after pouring 

After pouring the Chemtool cleaner into the fuel injector, you have to wait for a while. You may idle the injector for ten to twenty minutes before starting the engine. After that, you can run the engine for 30 minutes to work the cleaner. You may take a ride if you are pouring the cleaner in your vehicle engine too.

Maintain a schedule

To avoid the frequent use of Chemtool 12, you can prepare a schedule for cleaning fuel injectors. Otherwise, frequent cleaning of the injectors may damage the durability of the engine. For instance, you can use this chemical after running about 3000 miles of a car engine. Or, you can use this cleaner during every oil change of the engine.

How do you use Berryman b12 Chemtool carburetor cleaner?

Mixing 1 ounce of Chemtool cleaner in 1-gallon fuel is the best ratio to get desirable results. Besides, you can use this cleaner after every fuel change of your engine. And also, you can clean the fuel injector after every 3000 miles of riding.

Can you use a Berryman b12 on a motorcycle? 

Berryman b12 Chemtool is suitable to develop the engine performance of the motorcycle. Additionally, this cleaner can clean cars, boats, and lawnmower engines. Furthermore, the cleaner can smoothen the piston, valve, ring of any type of fuel engine.

If you use too much b12 Chemtool what will happen?

Using too much b12 Chemtool may damage the strength of an engine. So, you have to maintain a schedule to clean the fuel injector of the engine. Besides, you can mix 1 ounce b12 Chemtool for 1-gallon fuel to get harmless results.

Can you use b12 Chemtool in a gas tank?

When you are searching for a cleaner to clean the entire fuel system, you can use b12 Chemtool. This Berryman fuel injector cleaner is one of the best performers for gas tanks too. You can clean a gas tank of a vehicle without any damages by using b12 Chemtool.

Can you use Berryman b12 in oil?

Chemtool fuel injector cleaner is highly efficient to remove gum, sludges, and other debris. So, you can use this cleaner in the oil tank of an engine. But, you need to put b12 Chemtool when the oil becomes cool.

B12 Chemtool vs Seafoam

Berryman b-12 Chemtool and Seafoam, both are good for cleaning fuel injectors. These chemicals can clean the moisture, varnish, gum, and other debris in the fuel tank. But, Seafoam is a better choice than b12 Chemtool to clean the entire fuel system.

Besides, Seafoam is a good choice for removing water from the fuel tank. As Seafoam is suitable for the whole fuel system, you can not use it frequently to your fuel injector. Thus, b12 Chemtool is a better choice than Seafoam to clean fuel injectors regularly.

Berryman b60 Vs b12

Berryman b60 is another chemical to clean the entire fuel system on an engine. Otherwise, the competition of b60 and b12 is almost the same with HEST power solvent. Both of the cleaners help to restore the lost strength of the fuel engines. And, both of the cleaners reduce the fuel emission on an engine.

Additionally, using too much b60 may damage the strength of an engine. But, using the B12 is decent to clean fuel injectors and increase the engine strength. Moreover, Berryman b12 is the best choice for cleaning the fuel injector of the gasoline power engine. Thus the Berryman b12 fuel treatment is the best solution to keep your engine decent.


Does Berryman b12 Chemtool work?

Berryman b12 Chemtool has a high efficient composition to clean fuel injectors. Mostly, this cleaner can remove the gum from the injector and produce a quick start of the engine. Also, this cleaner has a wonderful capability to remove years older debris from an engine.

Is Berryman b12 Chemtool the same as seafoam?

Both of the products are fuel cleaner but have a different composition. The b12 Chemtool is good for cleaning fuel injectors. On the other hand, Seafoam can clean the entire fuel system of an engine. Also, the Chemtool contains a powerful solvent instead of containing petroleum oil like Seafoam.

Is b12 chemtool safe to use?

B12 Chemtool injector cleaner is one of the safest materials for an engine. This product enhances the strength of an engine by cleaning debris from the injectors. 

Moreover, b12 Chemtool smoothen the valve, ring, and piston of an engine. That increases the running capacity and capability of an engine. 

Which carb cleaner is best?

You will find different brands of crab cleaner in the market. But, Berryman b12 is one of the best carb cleaners among all the products. Due to the powerful composition of this cleaner, you can remove old debris from the injectors. Besides, the cleaner develops the strength to regain the energy of the engine.

Does Berryman b12 remove water?

Berryman b12 is a different product or cleaner to remove water from the fuel tank like Seafoam. But, the b12 Chemtool is efficient in developing engine strength to provide a smooth run. Though this product can not remove water from the tank, it can participate in regaining old engine power.


In a nutshell, we must insist you use Berryman b12 Chemtool fuel injection cleaner. If you do not use this cleaner, you can not experience the performance. So, purchase a Berryman cleaner to remove all the debris from the fuel injector of the engine.

But remember, using b12 Chemtool frequently can damage the efficiency of an engine. You have to maintain a schedule to use this chemical with an accurate ratio. That will keep the engine safe and deliver a smooth run with durable performance.

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