5 Best Anti Drain Back Oil Filter [Review & Guide in 2023]

There is nothing more peaceful than having an anti-drain back oil filter for your car in this modern era. Nine out of ten people find them very useful for long-term engine service and excellent vehicle performance.

Moreover, wouldn’t you find it very inconvenient to get an expensive oil filter that fails to work after a short time?

Well, for extra safety, make use of a high-quality oil filter to avoid anti-drain back problems. It will protect the engine as a good oil filter and has a robust anti drain back valve.

Now, I came up with this article to help you discover more about the best anti-drain back oil filters. Please read on.

Recommended Best Anti Drain Back Oil Filter in 2023

If you are looking for a oil filters with anti drain back valve then you are right place because here we are going to discuss the 5 best anti drain valve oil filter along with their features. So see the specification and select according to your need.

1. Fram Tough Guard TG3675

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Fram Tough Guard has a suitable design for hot and cold temperatures, stop-and-go traffic, and tough driving conditions. It works with synthetic and conventional motor oil through the synthetic blend media. Moreover, it allows for easy installation and removal via the non-slip surface. 

Nonetheless, Fram Tough Guard has up to 15,000 miles of extensive life of the oil filter. You will experience safe engine start-ups through the silicone anti-drain back valve. Besides, the oil filter is best for towing, extreme weather conditions, and stop-and-go traffic. 


Easy to install and remove 

Don’t worry about the installation and removal process. Fram tough guard is easy to install and remove due to the SureGrip technology. Additionally, its surface is non-slip to enhance this as well. 


You will have a safe engine start-up from the silicone anti drain back valve. You will be sure of up to 15,000 miles of extended life of this oil filter. Plus, this oil filter will guarantee you proven protection. 


The oil filter is reliable for hot and cold temperatures, stop-and-go traffic, and tough driving conditions. Similarly, drivers who tow in extreme weather conditions can also go for it. Try it out for excellent vehicle performance regardless of the weather conditions.


Fran tough guard is an efficient oil filter for synthetic and conventional motor oil through the synthetic blend media. Moreover, it has a dirt holding capacity of 99%. Such efficiency makes it among the best anti-drain back oil filters, among several others. 


  • Protects up to 10,000 miles
  • Cheap
  • Easy to install 
  • Available in various styles 


  • Buying in bulk has limited savings 

2. Toyota Genuine Parts Oil Filter 

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I’m sure you are aware that your vehicle came with a Toyota Genuine Parts oil filter. However, you can rely on its effectiveness and high quality from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). More so, it will be compatible with your vehicle without any doubt. 

But did you know that choosing the right parts for your vehicle can be more challenging, like protecting your investment? So, don’t waste time looking for the best option among the best oil filters. Just go for a genuine OEM part that you’re familiar with and stick to it. 



Don’t worry about safety while using this oil filter. You will have a guarantee of safety because the contaminants will not go through the pressure relief valve. Conversely, filtered oil will flow to the engine when the relief valve opens due to a clogged filter. 


Toyota genuine parts oil filter is extremely reliable since you will have no oil leakages on the oil pan. However, this is due to the presence of an anti-drain back valve. You will have no increased wear on cold starts because your car will have the necessary protection. 


The oil filter meets all Toyota parts specifications for oil flow through the efficient filters. Besides, a lesser quality filter element would lead to other potential engine problems and engine seizures by comparison. Nonetheless, you can count on Toyota Genuine parts for increased vehicle performance. 


  • Safe for long term use
  • Perfect for use during cold starts
  • Excellent flow of oil through the filter element 
  • Prevents drainage of oil out of the engine from the anti-drain-back valve


  • Does not include drain plug gaskets 

3. Mobil 1 M1-209 Extended Performance Oil Filter 

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Mobil M 1-209 Extended Performance Oil filter compared to other filter traps and holds more dirt. Well, this is through the line from the filter’s proprietary. It provides over 97% of Vehicles in operation coverage, offering cartridge oil filters and spin-on. 

However, you can use Mobil 1 oil filters with Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oils or Mobil 1 to ultimately protect your engine. Plus, any motor oil is accessible with M1EP filters. You will have a total capacity of 28.0 grams for maximum efficiency compared to other filters as well. 



M1 oil filter is durable from the current long drain intervals and extended performance. It has a total capacity of 28 grams compared with other filters. Besides, it also holds the contaminants two times more than the rest of the oil filters.


With an advanced synthetic fiber blend media, this oil filter is efficient in removing contaminants. The multi-pass efficiency rating is 99.6%. A perfect implication is that this oil filter will efficiently suit your long-term needs. 


This oil filter withstands nine times normal system operating pressure for exceptional protection of up to 615 pascals per square unit. The silicone anti-drain back valve also helps in preventing dry starts and eliminates internal leakage when shutting down. That helps in maximum safety when using an M1 oil filter. 


  • Requires high flow rate since it is excellent for high-performance engines 
  • Leading brand in the automotive and oil industry that is trusted
  • Provides 99.6% cleaning efficiency at 25 microns through the synthetic media
  • Mobil 1 extended performance oil filter is impeccably durable


  • Mobil 1 branding makes it slightly expensive 
  • It is not reinforced with a metal backing on the silicone media 

4. Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter 

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Royal Purple oil filter has extended filter life in addition to maximum engine protection with the optimized flow. It matches superior particle removal from its perfect engineering and design. The super-premium extended life oil filter is the only type of oil filter manufactured by the Royal Purple.

Also, the oil filter continuously outperforms in the toughest conditions as a synthetic oil filter. It has an efficiency of 99% filtration for superior particle removal. Try it out to prevent dry starts and have an extended engine performance for your car. 



The oil filter traps particles as small as 25 microns using the latest technology. With 99% filtration efficiency, it provides superior particle removal. Moreover, the micro-glass media is 100% synthetic. 


Royal Purple oil filter is reliable for low flow restriction with the screen-backed synthetic media. In both cold and hot oil temperatures, the silicone-made anti drain back valve outperforms and outlasts standard nitrile rubber. It also ensures oil flow in excessive oil flow situations with the by-pass valve. 


It prevents filter element collapse using the center tube. You’ll be sure of extra security and strength against puncture and road debris since it features a thicker shell material. Besides, it will give you a filter element assembly with the positive seal on the metal end caps on each oil filter. 


  • Prevents dry starts
  • Efficient in both hot and cold oil temperatures 
  • Provides extra strength and security to the oil filter 
  • Reduces torque during installation and removal 


  • Slightly expensive

5. Wix Oil Filter 

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Wix oil filters remove the abrasive contaminants in the engine lubrication system to protect it from premature wear. It filters several types of suspended materials since they are made of pleated paper. Moreover, their maintenance cost is very low.

Don’t worry; you’ll have a protection guarantee with a Wix oil filter. And your motor will be free from contaminants with this engine oil filter. It has the additional performance to drive or tow in harsh conditions.



Wix oil filter is the advanced model to pair with your synthetic oil. It fits any need, including towing or driving in harsh conditions. Plus, it is a perfect filter backed by a wire for maximum durability.


After installing the Wix oil filter, you’ll get the right amount of oil flow to handle highway speeds. It has a budget-friendly option that still provides the right flow. Additionally, it provides superior filtration to ensure no contaminants get into the engine. 

Prolonged efficiency

Wix oil filter perfectly works to ensure that the oil does not drain when you turn off the engine. It is efficient enough to prevent dry starts on your oil filter. Highway speeds won’t be a problem after installing the Wix oil filter.


  • Ensures an excellent engine performance
  • It has maximum dirt holding capacity
  • Reliable with smooth filtration
  • Suitable for extreme conditions


  • Needs a combination of expensive oils

Anti Drain Back Oil Filter Buying Guide

Before you buy a car oil filter, you should think about a few important things to make sure you get the right one.

Engine Type

Find out what kind of engine your car has before you buy an oil filter.

Different cars have oil filters that work and work well in different ways.

Oil Filter Size

Another important thing to think about is the size of the oil filter. The filter for your car must fit. It doesn’t work if the filter is too big or too small.

Check the size of the oil filter before you buy it. If the oil filter is the wrong size, the engine can stop running because it doesn’t have enough oil. This will cost you a lot of money to fix.

Oil Filter Quality

The quality of an oil filter depends on how well it cleans and how long it lasts.

Filtration Efficiency

You must choose the filter based on its efficiency rating, which is the manufacturing standard for the oil filter’s internal parts and the largest particle size it can filter.

Standard oil filters catch 99% of particles smaller than 25 microns, and some can catch particles as small as 20 microns.

Choose a filter that catches more and smaller particles.

Filter Components

Filter Media

This is what the oil filter uses to filter the oil. This affects how well, how long, and how well they hold up oil filters.

For the best filtration and longest life, most modern oil filters use a mixture of synthetic glass and other materials.


This is the recommended distance or number of kilometers driven before the filter media wears out. There is also a time limit for the filter if the car is not driven for a long time.

Every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, you should change the air filter for the best performance. Every 3–6 months or every 5–8,000 miles, the filter should be changed.

Conventional vs Synthetic Oil

The oil filter is based on the oil in the car. Most filters can be used with regular oils, synthetic oils, and blends of both.

With synthetic oils, you have to use high-end filters. Using regular oil in a synthetic oil filter is not a technical problem, but it is a risk you may want to avoid.

Anti-Drain Back Valve

Most modern filters have a valve that stops oil from flowing back into the filter when the engine is off and the oil pump isn’t working.

This lets the oil pump pick up where it left off, keeping the engine oiled as it starts up.

With so many choices, it can be hard to figure out which oil filter is best for your car. We looked at the best oil filters so you can choose the right one.https://www.youtube.com/embed/SJlG4JNWP2g

Best Anti Drain Back Oil Filter Comparison

ProductMaterialIncludes Compatibility
Fram Tough Guard TG3675ResinO-rings and gaskets for perfect performance in both hot and cold temperaturesToyota RAV4 2004-2008
Toyota Genuine Parts Oil FilterOEM It has a bypass valve for utmost efficiencyToyota Camry YOM 2002-2009
M1-209 Extended Performance Oil FilterSilicone Cartridge and spin-on oil filtersFord Fiesta 1978-1980
Royal Purple Extended Life Oil FilterFibreglass A micro glass media that is 100% syntheticChevrolet, GMC, Jeep
Wix Oil FilterPaperAn anti drain back silicone valve comes with itChrysler, Toyota, Ford


What Happens If The Oil Filter Is Not Changed?

The filter will be severely clogged if not changed periodically and eventually reduce the volume of oil into the engine as it passes through the oil filter. It would ensure a long-lasting engine as you replace the oil filter with a high-quality one.

How Effective Are Oil Filters?

The oil filters prevent internal damage and costly repairs since they effectively remove particles and contaminants from your hard-working engine’s oil. You can locate them at the rear of the engine, and they are essential to retaining 99% as the oil does effectively. 

Can You Clean An Oil Filter? 

Yes. The only way to have clean oil is to clean the filter at every oil change when using a reusable oil filter. It only takes 10-15 minutes as an easy process to ensure that your engine all the time has clean oil. Besides, you can either clean it manually or make use of a cleaning kit. 

Do Oil Filters Affect Performance?

Yes. Oil filters play a critical role in maintaining the pressure of the oil. It will help to avoid spikes as well as regulate the oil pressure through the relief valve. On the other hand, a bad oil filter will have leaks and prevent the filter from sealing properly. You will have catastrophic damage from oil leaks in addition to overheating the vehicle since the engine will dry out from no oil to displace the heat. 

Is It Possible To Change The Oil Without Changing The Oil Filter?

Although it’s a good idea, you technically don’t have to change the oil filter every time you change the oil. Alternatively, you can replace the oil simultaneously to ensure a smooth operation of all parts since the oil filter can remove larger pollutants from the oil in the engine. 


If you regularly drive in stop-and-go traffic, dirty roads, or bad weather conditions, or you often tow heavy objects, you might need to replace your oil filter frequently.

Besides, it is better to spend more and replace the oil filter often instead of running out when replacing it, as everyone else agrees. Now you have all the information about oil filters, go ahead and explore for long-lasting vehicle performance and an improved engine experience. Stay safe! 

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