5 Best Oil Drain Valve Review & Buying Guide In 2023

Remember the times when you used oil drain plugs for your car’s oil drainage and all messed up. The oil spoils all of your places and also your hands. Here, the oil drain valve came into being and took you away from this messy situation.

Now, oil drainage is a relatively straightforward process; even college girls can do it. Moreover, all changes come because of oil drain valves. Consequently, choosing the best valve is so important, and that’s why here I come up with the best oil drain valve. So, you don’t have to do the fundamental research on your own.

What is the Best Oil Drain Valve?

Valvomax, the best oil drain valve, drains oil in 10 minutes, easily replace your drain bolt with a Quick Twist oil drain valve. Valvomax is a famous and reputational brand of oil drain valves because of their lot of research and testification. Previously, the oil plugs have made this all scenario quite tricky and messy, so that’s why oil drain valves are much popular now.

Furthermore, probably that’s the reason why you want to buy a high-quality Valvomax oil drain system.

Where to buy Valvomax oil drain valve:

Don’t worry; you can easily buy it from Amazon or the Valvomax official website. Just choose the best and order it; the buying process is a lot easier than it looks.         

Oil Drain Valves Features Table: easy and quick oil change.

ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve  Highly durable because of stainless steel material  Easy and quick installation  Quick and fast with we spring technology  
Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve  Highly durable with the forged brass manufacturing   It is easily installed without any hurdles.Long threads which resist leakage  
  EZ Oil Drain Valve with removable Hose End Combo  Durability with the nickel-plated body.  Quick installation with the removable hose-end comboResistant to corrosion and tarnishing  
Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M12x1.25x12mm Steel  Durable with double outlet protection  Easy and quick installation, No extra tools are needed.  Reduce the risk of burning  
F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve  Durable with 35 years of manufacturing experience  Installation is easy and without an adapter.  Rotate up to 360 degrees and provide protection  

5 Best Oil Drain Valves Reviews and Complete Guide 2023

#1. ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve -Easy oil drain plug

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Need a quick drain valve with no mess up? Go for Valvomax. They have made their drainage system much more accessible than any other. No matter whether you are a schoolgirl or a businessman, the whole process will be a task of few minutes.

Moreover, you can also say that this quick and easy process is the specialty of Valvomax. Additionally, you don’t need any tools or appliances. However, you will need an oil bottle or bag, but for that, you can also buy a ValvoMax easy-to-carry oil bag.


Durability: A long-lasting life comes from high-quality designed material. So, the stainless steel body of this valve gives you that quality and high durability.

Fast process: The wave spring technology gives you the quickest and fast oil drainage experience. That’s why you don’t have to wait for a long time for the oil to drain.

Easy to use: When you have to use tools like screwdrivers, etc., your whole process becomes quite complicated and lengthy. With that thought, Valvomax pays attention and launches this valve to make your process quick and more accessible because your time is very precious.

Quick Installation: You don’t have to worry about the installation. It’s much easier, not like the other when you have to read a complete guide for it.


  • Quick and fast with spring technology
  • Highly durable because of stainless steel material
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The whole process is without any mess


  • It doesn’t allow screwing the drain fitting.

Valvomax Oil Drain Valve Installation 

Installation of Valvomax oil drain valve is quite easy if you follow the procedure correctly. To install Valvomax oil drain valve first you have to remove any existing drain plug or washer.

Then clean the sealing surface. Now position the washer on the valve, then hand tighten it. Use a perfect socket to tighten. For the valve to drain faster, run the engine till it reaches any normal temperature. Remove the oil fill cap.

After that comes removing the dust cap. Thread the drainer onto the valve and connect it. Oil starts draining after a full rotation.

You have to continue threading. You can also use a valvomax drain bag for better performance. Now, hand tightens and replace the dust cap. After the installation run the engine for a minute to check any leak. 

Valvomax Oil Drain Valve Torque Specs

Knowing the correct torque specs is important for your oil drain plug. You do not need any torque wrench for the Valvomax oil drain valve, but the torque specification for Valvomax oil drain plug is usually 20-25 foot pounds.

You don’t have to be exact with the torque specification just don’t cross the limit too much. As there are so many factors you have to consider before providing a torque value, just take a good snug fit. 

#2. Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve

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If you were past users of the plug oil drain, then this Fumoto oil drain valve is best for you. Because it can easily install in the place of your previous plug oil drain. Actually, they know that the plug users are moving towards the valves; that’s why they have made a complete range of oil drain valve Fumoto.

However, you may know that the FN series are becoming more popular because of their forged brass and stainless steel manufacturing. Because of that, I’m also giving the Fumoto oil drain valve review. Consequently, you can choose the best one for you.

Nipple length: 1/2″ (13.5mm) Temperature Rating: -40° to 365° F

Thread size: M14-1.5 Recommended Torque: 221 in lbs (18 ft lbs)

How do you torque a Fumoto valve:Torque: if you tighten the valve with a crescent wrench on the body of the valve make an additional 1/8 to 1/4 turn.


Easy drainage: Usually, the main feature of a suitable valve is an easy and quick process. Fumoto valves give you that fast oil drain experience.

Cleaning: You always drain the oil to clean the engine and increase its output. For that, you have to replace the drain plug from this oil drain valve, and it will give you ease.

Reliable: When you use the plug to drain the oil, you better know how your hands and floor messed up. Moreover, when hot oil contacts your hands, it can give harmful results. But the use of a drain valve takes you away from this bad experience.

Threads: The unique feature of this valve is the long threads that prevent you from any leakage. That’s why we have selected this as the best Fumoto valve review.


  • Money-back warranty of 3months
  • Highly durable with the forged brass manufacturing
  • Long threads which resist leakage


  • It is not suitable for low clearance vehicles.

5w 30 oil – You can use

5w40 oil is also recommended for your vehicle.

Are Fumoto Valves Any Good?

Are Fumoto valves worth it? Obviously, they are good. They make a world of difference in changing your oil. It has gained the trust of millions as they make valves for any type of vehicle. They fit with distinctive valve designs too. Fumoto provides a toll free line for you and they are very quick in responding. You will surely find the best valve with Fumoto.

How Do You Use a Fumoto Valve?

Draining oil after using your vehicle can be time consuming. But with Fumoto you have nothing to worry about as it has made oil changing much easy and time saving. To use a Fumoto valve you don’t have to do much. Take out the old drain plug and replace it with the Fumoto valve. Once it’s in there, all you have to do is release the valve, then oil will come out. After that drain your oil and close the valve. It doesn’t require any tools. Then swap out your oil filter, put new oil in, and oil changing is done.

How Do You Tighten a Fumoto Valve?

Tightening a Fumoto valve is really easy. First of all, tight gently by threading the valve inside of your oil drain port with your hand. Make sure the valve is straight. If the valve is not cross threaded, tighten it completely with your hands. For torque, just tighten the valve with a crescent wrench. Otherwise, you can do it with your hands frequently. 

Valvomax Oil Drain Valve vs Fumoto

For oil drain valves, Valvomax and Fumoto are both goods in quality. You have to know your requirement and then spend on them.

For that look at the comparisons for further information. Valvomax oil drain valve is much smaller than the Fumoto valve. They don’t extend low, they also represent smaller targets for a projectile.

The Valvomax oil drain valve might deform more than the Fumoto valve before breaking. Valvomax comes with a screw-in fitting which Fumoto doesn’t. Both the companies are in the USA and budget friendly.

#3. EZ Oil Drain Valve with removable Hose End Combo

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Want to use the new and latest way of oil draining? Look at the EZ drain valve, its key feature of removable hose has changed the course of oil draining. Moreover, the process becomes more quick and clean with the use of this EZ oil drain valve.

Furthermore, the company EZ has increased its durability with a nickel-plated body. So, if you are looking for a valve which will last long, then this one is best. However, it is now also called a one-touch operation by the owner’s review.


Easy drain: The super quick and easy process will blow your mind. For using this valve, you only have to remove the hose, and you will be good to go. The process starts with just one finger touch.

Replaces drain plug: The era of oil drain plug goes, now it’s a time of the new things.  Additionally, this new drain valve easily fits on your previous drain plug place. So, don’t worry about that.

Reliable: Sometimes, you messed up with the hot oil and spoiled your hands. But the use of this valve will take you away from these dire situations.

Oil analysis: The oil test is necessary to find out whether you have to change the oil or not. That’s why this drain valve allows you to perform a test by collecting samples in small amounts.


  • Resistant to corrosion and tarnishing
  • Unique one-touch operation
  • Draw oil for samples easily
  • Durability with the nickel-plated body.


  • Heavy snow can open the lever.

How do you use an EZ oil drain valve?


#4. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M12x1.25x12mm Steel

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If you are tired from losing the oil plug during drainage, you should go for another process. Likewise, this Stahlbus car oil drain valve has unique features that will give you comfortable performance. Moreover, the whole process is quick and safe, so you don’t need to worry about messing up with hot oil.

However, Stahlbus releases this valve with the plug, so past drain plug users will also feel at ease with handling this one. It’s not an oil drain plug but it has the plug on it as the accessory.


Durability: Stahlbus is the famous brand of the oil drain valve, so they will surely not lose the quality of their product. That’s why they have made it with high-quality stainless steel, which increases reliability.

Reduce risk: Moreover, when you are using a drain plug, you may have messed up all the things because a pin doesn’t have any stoppage. However, the oil drain valve with the plug will give you a new experience and reduce all the risk of messing up.

No tools: When you have to use various tools just for oil drain, it sucks. Because when you use this oil drain valve, you don’t have to fight with a different variety of devices.

Thread: Normally, thread on oil valves is used to prevent any leakage, but this is only a one-time process. Likewise, you have to wrap it with a thread during installation.


  • Durable with double outlet protection
  • Reduce the risk of burning
  • Stahlbus oil drain valve set is Easy to quick installation
  • No extra tools needed

Stahlbus oil drain valve problems:

  • The process of oil drainage is relatively slow.

#5. F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve

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The SX oil drain valve is the latest and new design of the oil drain system. Consisting of two different parts with different features combined to perform quick oil draining. Moreover, according to the owners, this design is the latest, and once you get it, you don’t want any other valve than this.

However, you are aware of Fumoto; they never leave any chance of your bad experience. Likewise, they have launched it with proper testification, so you will not get any mishappening.


Orientation: The unique feature that comes with only this valve is orientation. Moreover, you can quickly move it at a 360-degree angle which gives you protection and safety.

Simple installation: However, the body’s design is different from the others, but the installing is relatively easy and quick. So, you don’t need to get any tools.

Versatility: Additionally, changes are essential to separate one product from another. That’s why they have made it adapter free, and you don’t need any accessories.

Certification: Fumoto valve reliability is good. The durability comes with the 35 years certification of the Fumoto company. Consequently, they are not just beginners but are experienced ones.


  • Durable with 35 years of manufacturing experience
  • Rotate up to 360 degrees and provide protection
  • Installation is easy and without any adapter


  • The cost is a little higher than the others

How do you install a EZ oil drain valve?


Oil Drain Valve Buying Guide 

Oil changing is one of the essential jobs that comes with the ownership. If you know what your oil does, you will always take care of the life and health of it.

Now, if you want to DIY your oil changing you will need oil drain valves and to buy one you will need a buying guide.

Oil drain valves are not that expensive and they are very useful. There are many companies that make oil drain valves. 

One of them is EZ oil drain valve company. They are basically a motor vehicle company and of their key features is optional hose ends. They have all types of valves suitable to all vehicles. 

Valvomax is another promising company. If you want to save time, this one is for you surely. This is literally no tools, no mess, fast drain service for you.

The German company stahlbus provides oil drain valves that are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant steel and Eco-Brass. Another thing is it manufactures a bleeder valve.

Another USA based company is Fumoto. It gives you no spill oil drain. They make valve for any type of vehicles and respond quickly to your issues.

Now based on these companies, lets have a look on their finest products. ValvoMax oil drain valve, Fumoto F-106N, EZ-106 EZ, Stahlbus oil drain valve steel, DEF F-106N, Stens 125-508, Fumoto oroginal T-204N, F133N with LC10. 

To buy a oil drain valve you just have to look on a few matters such as quality and durable parts, oil leak prevention, ease of use and installation, sizing and specification, and lastly cost. Just check on these and buy one that is suitable for you.


Are Oil Drain Valves Any Good?

Yes they are good. But that depends in users too, if you change your oil very frequent oil drain valves are your savior. Unscrewing a plug and draining oil is quite a dirty work and also time consuming. This is where a valve comes to help. And if you are a new user, oil drain valve will benefit you in ways beggars description. 

What Does an Oil Drain Valve Do?

Oil drain valves basically drains excess oil from your engine. A drain valve is used in releasing excess gas or liquid from a storage tank, container or a vessel. It drains off materials that are separated from a fluid or gas steam too. It opens by turning a handle or a screw. Some drain valves can open automatically, after reaching a certain pressure or temperature.

How Does a Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Work?

Fumoto valve is one of the easiest oil draining valves. This is a one time fix one, just put it there and it will do rest of the work for you. It opens counterclockwise and the lever helps it. To avoid splashes and guide the oil to the drain plate a small piece of tube can be attached. It comes with extra safety. 

Can an Oil Drain Plug Fall Out?

Yes, an oil drain plug can fall out. The main thing you need to do is tighten the oil drain plug properly. If the plug is losen or hasn’t been tightened properly, it can fall out due to pressure. For most of the valves you can tighten them by using hands, otherwise you can use wrench to tighten  it.

What Happens If You Over Tighten Oil Drain Plugs?

Tightening the oil draining plugs is one of the most important jobs. But one thing to make sure is that you dont tighten the plugs too much. You can damage the plug by over tightening it. When you over tighten the plugs, you will strip the threads. You can also damage the rubber gasket by over tightening it.

What Happens If Your Oil Drain Plug Falls Out?

If the draining plug is not tightened properly, it might fall out. Falling out of your drain plug will cause leak. If the plug falls out, all the oil will leave out from the bottom of the engine quickly. Shortly after your oil pressure might bottom out, warning lights will be turned out and you will face damage 


Hopefully, this guide on the best oil drain valve will be helpful for you. However, you only have to look at your needs and then at valves which suit you. Moreover, don’t be confused; look into ones that will give you a quick and no-spill oil drain. 

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