7 Symptoms of Defective Fuel Pump Driver Module Explained

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The effectiveness of your vehicle’s fuel pump depends a lot on the fuel pump driver module. For this exact reason, whenever a fuel control module goes bad, things become tricky. You may fall into a load of problems due to this reason. 

symptoms of a bad fuel pump

So, why not get a proper idea about the symptoms of a defective fuel pump driver module (FPDM) so that you can act promptly in dire situations? How Does A Car Act When The Fuel Pump Is Going Out?

 We are exactly going to give a thorough idea about the symptoms. Stay till the end. 

What is the fuel pump control module?

In simple words, a fuel pump control module or fuel pump driver module means a system that controls the voltage within the fuel pump. What if there is nothing to control the voltage? In that case, you don’t get controlled fuel pressure into the fuel pump.Fuel Pump Not Priming – What’s The Likely Cause and Fix?

You should know what would happen if the fuel pump does not work properly. 

So, let’s get this straight.

A fuel pump ensures that fuel flows from the tank to the fuel injector or carburetor. And a fuel pump control module ensures that the fuel pump itself operates perfectly. Check your vehicle compatibility and price here. Dorman version

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What are the symptoms of a bad fuel control module? 

As we have already mentioned, you need to ensure that the fuel pump control module remains okay.

signs of a bad fuel pump

Otherwise, you will be in trouble because the fuel pump won’t work at its best or even not work at all. How do you make sure of a healthy fuel pump control module then? 

You can do that by simply asking the question, “What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump driver module?” Why should you ask the question? 

Because if you know the symptoms, you can take prompt actions without causing further damage to the fuel pump or the engine. Let’s head to them. 

1. Stalling or Uneven running while Rough idling

We need to keep our vehicles idle quite often. It can be either for the red light or even for some quick breaks to buy some snacks. And rough idling is not the thing you would want even for a single time. 

If the fuel pump driver module of your vehicle goes bad, you may face rough idling. Yes, we know that this issue may evolve for a lot of reasons. Among them, you must need to check on the fuel pump driver module. 

What would happen if you missed doing so? For the least, you may end up doing some heavy-cost upgrades that were not necessary. 

So, whenever you face rough idling, don’t forget to check on the fuel pump driver module. 

2. No start

Another common issue you may face due to a bad fuel pump driver module is “No Start”. In the cases of no starts, people tend to panic a lot. Yeah, we know those feelings as we also have gone through those situations. 

Before reading this article, you might not even imagine that the ‘no start’ issue can arise from a bad fuel pump driver. 

Well, now that you are here, don’t panic in the ‘no start’ cases. Keep your head cool and start the diagnosing by observing the fuel pump control module. 

3. Smoky start

Why is the smoky start not in the section of ‘no start’? Because they are totally two different problems even though they may seem related. 

You may see your vehicle having smoky starts and think that this is an entirely different problem than of bad fuel pump driver module. Your thoughts are wrong here. 

Even if you see smoky starts, you can have a bad fuel pump driver module. So, don’t forget to check on the fuel pump controller whenever you start having smoky starts. 

4. There will be a loss of power

Imagine you are driving normally on the road. All of a sudden, you feel that your vehicle is not that powerful. You may think that it is an illusion and not real. But that is not the case in this situation. 

If a fuel pump control module goes bad, this exact situation can happen to you. Don’t take this issue lightly. Trust your guts. Whenever you feel something is wrong with your vehicle, try to diagnose it. 

And, especially, in this case, check on the fuel pump driver module whether it is okay or not. 

5. The performance won’t be perfect

The design and build structure of a vehicle has a lot of emphasis on people while they choose to buy a vehicle. But the one thing people never forget to speculate is the horsepower or expected performance from the vehicle. 

People always consider the amount of performance they need from a vehicle and then decide whether a particular pick is worth the money. 

If the fuel pump driver module becomes faulty, you won’t get your vehicle’s smooth or peak performance. What is the relation between performance and fuel pump driver module? 

The fuel pump controller goes bad, the fuel pump itself doesn’t work properly. And if the fuel pump becomes problematic, you won’t get optimal fuel or fuel pressure. 

Can you connect the dots now? 

That is why from now on, you should also consider diagnosing the fuel pump driver module whenever you face interruptions in performance. 

6. Irregular acceleration 

This one is another common symptom of a bad fuel pump driver. You will face problems in acceleration if something bad happens to the fuel pump driver. 

You may face pauses while accelerating the vehicle out of nowhere. The acceleration may also feel like a booster after a pause. 

Before going for some big replacements or changes, try diagnosing the fuel pump driver first. If you are lucky, your problem may get solved in this first step!

7. Power surge while reversing 

One of the reasons for a power surge in a vehicle is a bad fuel pump driver. If you face a power surge while reversing, it may happen due to a bad fuel pump controller. 

Don’t panic. Diagnose the driver module. If the problem lies in there, you are just some steps away to get rid of the problem. 

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How do you test a fuel pump control module?

You can do the test or diagnosis by following two methods. 

1. By scanning 

2. By connecting pins

To diagnose the fuel pump control module by scanning, you must take your vehicle to a repair shop. Afterward, they will do the rest. Mostly, you will see the error code Po69E in case of a bad fuel pump controller. 

And if you want to do the diagnosis yourself, you have to connect the pins and do some observations. At first, you have to replace both the fuel fuses. Then, you have to follow the below two steps-

i. Connect the black ground to pink ground (PIN1 TO PIN16)

ii. Connect the RD/WH BATT to GY fuel pump 12+ (PIN32 to PIN47)

After that, you have to ensure some other things-

  • Observe the fuel system control module to check whether there is a signal for the fuel pump. 
  • Now you have to turn a key towards the run position. You will find the key in white (or dark green) wire which is in PIN13. There will also be a test light in that wire. If the test light becomes illuminated, you are good to go for inspecting.  

Before giving the verdict, you have to watch out for three important factors-

Now it is result time. 

*If you do not find any power at the fuel pump driver module (white/ dark green wire), shift to the PCM (powertrain control module)

*At PCM, you have to check PIN50 (white/ dark green wire). And you have to do the checking on the black connector while turning the key on at 12V. You will find two outcomes.

  • Power at PCM (in this case, you just have to repair the break after locating it in the wire). 
  • No power at PCM (in this case, you have to replace the whole fuel pump control module with a programmed unit). 

What happens when a fuel pump module goes bad?

If you want a clear answer, the fuel pump won’t work properly without the help of a fuel pump module. That is why you have to always ensure that the fuel pump module is working fine. Speaking of which, how can you know a fuel pump module has gone bad? 

You have to beware of the symptoms in this case. Take swift actions if you see any of the symptoms of a bad fuel pump controller. 

If you do not take action and continue to drive with the problem, you will face some major engine and vehicle issues. Among them, a faulty fuel pump will be the least of your concern. 

Does a fuel pump driver module need to be programmed?

If the situation demands the module to be programmed, the answer is yes.

 You will need to program the fuel pump driver module only if you don’t find power even in the PCM. As we assume you have done the diagnosis all by yourself, you should stop at this stage. 

Usually, professionals do the programming part. That is why you should not proceed further. 

And if there is power at PCM, you don’t need to worry much. You will only have to locate the break and replace it. 

Fuel pump control module replacement cost    

The fuel pump control module replacement cost is fairly lower than the cost of a fuel pump or fuel pump replacement. This is one of the reasons why you should always take prompt actions after seeing symptoms. 

You will need around $60 to $120 to get a good fuel pump control module. Since you don’t want the thing to go bad too often, we suggest you buy a premium one.

 If you find the ratings and reviews are good, there is nothing to stop you from buying that product. 

You have to pay around an additional $100 for the labor cost. Obviously, you can do that by yourself. But if you don’t have the expertise, leaving the installing part in the hands of professionals is the best way. 


How to tell if a fuel pump driver module is bad

You can simply tell by catching the symptoms that lead to a bad fuel pump driver module. Among them, the most common one is the decrease in performance. But as performance can decrease for a lot of reasons, you better confirm the issue by catching multiple symptoms. Rough idling, irregular acceleration, issues with the start are some other common symptoms. 

How do I know if my fuel pump driver module is bad? 

You will know about a bad fuel pump driver module if you see one or more of the following symptoms. Although these symptoms may also refer to other engine issues, they are the most common in the case of a bad fuel pump controller. The symptoms are-

1. No start

2. Smoky start

3. Rough idling

4. Inconsistent acceleration 

5. Power surge (while reversing)

6. Decrease of performance

How to test a fuel pump driver module

You can do the test or diagnosis by following two common methods. The first and easier one is to scan the module. After scanning, if there is any problem, you will most likely find the error code- ‘Po69E’. 

And the other and comparatively complex one is the PIN connecting method. If you can manage to find a good explanation or video about this method, your work will become easier. 

How much is a fuel pump module?

The fuel pump module is not much pricey. If you want a module that can do the job for the moment, you can even buy a module for only around $30. But we suggest you spend a little more (around $60 to $120) and buy a fairly good module. If you do so, your chance of getting into module-related problems will be less. 

How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump control module?

 The price of a module ranges from $60 to $120. Within this price range, you will get a good module. And the labor cost will be around $100. If you can install the module by yourself, you can save the labor cost. 

What is the difference between a fuel pump and fuel pump assembly?

The fuel pump assembly is a complete core system of a vehicle responsible for providing clean and optimal pressured fuel. It consists of a fuel pump control module, a fuel pump, a fuel tank pressure sensor, a gauge sending unit, and the main filter of the fuel system. That means a fuel pump is merely a component of a fuel pump assembly. 

Where is the fuel pump relay?

The fuel pump relay is the component that provides current for the fuel pump whenever switched on. Generally, the PCM or the ignition controls this electric component. In most cases, you will find the fuel pump relay under the dashboard. To be more specific, near the steering column. 

You will need a fuel pump relay on an internal combustion engine because the fuel pump will not function without it. 


Sometimes we tend to avoid the little issues. And likewise, we tend to hurry to fix the big issues of a vehicle without properly getting into the core of the problem. If you can become a little more patient, you may find out that the core problem is not that huge. 

The symptoms of a defective fuel pump driver module may refer to some huge troubles. But in reality, it is not the case. Try memorizing the symptoms.

Whenever you see them, try to diagnose the fuel pump driver module. You may end up saving a lot of money and time if you get lucky. 

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