What are The Equivalents Of Honda Dual Pump Fluid?Get Know

If you’re out of enough money to buy a genuine Honda Dual Pump Fluid, you can look for a substitute. So, what are the Honda dual pump fluid ii equivalents?

The 08200-9008 ATF Genuine Honda Fluid is one of the best Honda Dual Fluid ii equivalents. There are also some other options that you can consider. 

But you cannot choose all of them. So, in this article, we’ll talk about the three most effective Honda dual pump fluid 2 equivalents. So, let’s get into it. 

What is the Use of Honda Dual Pump Fluid?

Honda dual pump fluid is a hydraulic fluid used in the rear differential of Honda vehicles. It is a lubricant that protects the dual pump system from corroding and foaming. 

Thus, it increases the lifespan of the rear differential system of Honda vehicles. It also reduces vibration, noise, and friction in the gear housing. Besides, it is designed to optimize the system’s performance and prolong fuel economy. 

This fluid can also produce a lot of hydraulic pressure when needed. It also reduces the heat and lets the system remain cool. 

Therefore, the fluidity of these fluids is excellent, even in cold weather or at low temperatures. Moreover, it is not so expensive to use and available everywhere. 

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Honda Dual Pump Fluid 2 Specifications

The Honda dual pump fluid is a multi-purpose hydraulic fluid. So, we should be conscious while buying a substitute. From the chart attached below, we are going to learn more about it. Here, we will explore its specifications. So, let’s learn it. 

Fluid CompositionSynthetic 
OdorPetroleum odor
Viscosity Index153
Weight2 pounds

What are the Honda Dual Pump Fluid Equivalents?

If you’re on the road, and you don’t have any Honda dual pump fluid, there are plenty of alternatives. Some of these Honda hydraulic fluid substitutes include:

  • 08200-9008 ATF Genuine Honda Fluid
  • Vtm-4 Genuine Honda Fluid
  • PENRITE semi-synthetic HDPS fluid

Below, we will discuss the Honda dual pump fluid equivalent and what they are used for.

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08200-9008 ATF Genuine Honda Fluid

Genuine Honda 08200-9008 ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) DW1 is the only fluid that has been approved by Honda for use in Honda cars and trucks. It has a low-viscosity formulation that improves fuel economy.

As it is a genuine OEM fluid, it accomplishes all the manufacturer’s quality standards. It also has excellent shifting qualities at any temperature. 

Moreover, this fluid will protect the O-rings and seals most effectively. It enhances the lifespan of gearboxes and prevents leaks and corrosion. 


DEXRON III is one of the trusted Honda dual pump fluid equivalents. It is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid that meets all the specifications of Honda vehicles manufactured after 2006. 

This ATF dual pump fluid provides high-quality and long-lasting performance. It protects the automatic transmission system of Honda vehicles from heat, corrosion, and deposits. 

Its enhanced viscosity provides excellent durability and shifting performance at low and high temperatures. It is also made with high-quality anti-corrosive properties to ensure maximum lubrication and protect the engine from wear and tear. 

This fluid also extends the oil’s life and delivers protection against foaming. After all, the DEXRON 3 is a premium formula that is compatible with many other automotive brands, like Honda.

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Vtm-4 Genuine Honda Fluid

Honda Genuine VTM-4 fluid is an original equipment manufacturer fluid that fits all Honda cars and trucks. It has excellent lubrication qualities that are used to lubricate the inside of the rear differential. 

This fluid also reduces the wear, noise, and heat of the clutch packs that occur when they are activated. The VTM-4 Honda fluid is also resistant to temperature breakdown. It protects the differential from being overheated and corroded. 

PENRITE semi-synthetic HDPS fluid

PENRITE manufactures this semi-synthetic HDPS fluid that can be used in Honda dual pump systems. It has anti-shudder materials, long-lasting friction modifiers, and semisynthetic oils. 

This fluid comes with extensive fluid life and prevents oxidation. It also protects the differential from wear and tear. 

But it shouldn’t be used in automatic transmissions. Because it is not designed with ATF technology.

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Other Honda dual pump fluid ii equivalent

Honda Dual Pump Fluid II is a special type of transmission fluid that is used in some Honda and Acura vehicles with dual pump all-wheel drive systems. It is a synthetic fluid that is designed to provide excellent lubrication and protection for the transmission and all-wheel drive system components.

There are a few different fluids that can be used as an equivalent to Honda Dual Pump Fluid II. These include:

  • ENEOS Import DPS Fluid
  • Amsoil Torque Drive DCT Fluid
  • Red Line D6 ATF
  • Royal Purple Max ATF

It is important to note that these fluids are not all created equal. Some fluids may be better suited for certain vehicles or driving conditions than others. It is always best to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic before using any substitute fluid.

If you are unable to find Honda Dual Pump Fluid II, you can use one of the equivalent fluids listed above. However, it is important to note that these fluids may not perform as well as the genuine Honda fluid. Additionally, using a substitute fluid may void your vehicle’s warranty.


Now we know the names of some common honda dpsf-ii equivalent. Do you want to know more about it? Well, below, we’ll answer a few common questions you might have about it.

Who makes Honda Dual Pump Fluid?

Honda vehicles require specialized dual-pump fluid for optimal performance. Honda designs and manufactures genuine dual-pump fuel for their vehicles. 

Can I use any ATF in my Honda?

Yes, you can use any ATF in your Honda. But it should be compatible with your car. But it’s better to use the genuine Honda ATF fluid, as it’s only designed for Honda cars and trucks. 

What is the best Honda dual pump fluid?

Honda Genuine 08200-9007 Dual Pump Fluid is the best differential dual pump fluid for Honda vehicles. It is the best because it is a high-quality hydraulic fluid specifically manufactured for Honda vehicles.  

Is the Dual Pump Fuel used by Acura and Honda the same?

Yes, the ingredients and variations in Acura and Honda dual pump fuel are 98% the same. Acura’s 08200-9007A is the same as Honda 08200-9007 dual pump fluid 2. 

How often should I change my Honda differential fluid?

You should change your differential fluid between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. But it can be different or specific for your vehicle. So, it’s better to check the manufacturer’s manual for the correct recommendation. 

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