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There are many debates about whether Ford recommends a catch can or not. Surprisingly enough, even the managers in most local dealers’ service departments are unsure about the same.

However, since they’re absent when you purchase the vehicle, the engine modifications during the installation process of the catch can and tuning would void the warranty.  Best Oil for Ford F150 & 3.5 Ecoboost

Well, who would intentionally want to interfere with anything on their vehicle to void their warranty? 

Moreover, if Ford saw the need, they would engineer the catch cans on their cars. Plus, they would not trust people to empty them, so why should they engineer anything they do not have? Please read on for further detail. Oil Pan Torque Sequence

 From ford, Terry said: If we’re catching 90-95% of the blow-by – no money has been wasted. The catch cans are doing the job they were intended to do.

Does Ford Recommend a catch can [Answered]

Ford does not recommend a catch can for anything newer than 2018 after updating the 2.7 to include direct injection and the port.

*But that doesn’t imply that you cannot install it in your car.

Besides, it won’t be a bad idea to add it to send the oil and other unwanted items inside it to the bottom of the catch can and route the pressure to the intake manifold.  

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Does a catch can void the Ford warranty?

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No. A single mod can’t void an entire vehicle’s warranty. Nonetheless, a particular mod in the worst case may deny a specific repair.

Contrariwise, it is challenging to imagine a Ford that can prove a relationship to any specific failure in the case of a properly installed catch can.

 But to deny a repair, it is the federal law that manufacturers must prove that the modification of a catch can is the cause of the failure. 

Does oil catch can add horsepower?

In case you have been wondering whether an oil catch can add horsepower to your vehicle, we have the correct answer for you.

 An oil catch is often absent when modifying cars since it does not make any cool noises or horsepower.

Conversely, it will help keep the engine running well for a long while, ensuring you always have a cleaner intake tract free of oil. Now you know the primary purpose it has in your car.  

Which catch can is the best?

The best catch can work to periodically empty all the condensed oil vapors and other junk into a canister from your PVC system.

The process is through an essential preventive measure to keep the intake valves free from debris and clean for many newer direct-injection gasoline engines.

Besides, it just doesn’t add horsepower to your car using an impeller in the throttle body or a magnet as a gimmick idea. 

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Why don’t cars come with catch cans?

Catch cans are not an addition when you buy a car, but they’re suitable for the vehicle’s performance. Moreover, they also help in the longevity of the engine. But since the auto manufacturers want you to keep buying more cars from them, they don’t include them. However, you will add another maintenance concern if you purchase a vehicle. 

Should I put a catch can on my EcoBoost?

Of course, you will still need catch cans if you want to keep all the crap out of your intake, intercooler, turbo compressors, and piping. Nonetheless, this is not the sole purpose of a catch because lacking an engine with DI may worsen the valve problem. A good catch can system is a great first mod if you are into modification. Moreover, you can add it before upgrading the intake or intercooler system. 

Why are oil catch cans illegal in California?

It is illegal to install oil catch cans in California because they, in turn, fail the smog inspection of your vehicle.

Besides, it will alter the PVC (positive crankcase ventilation) system and cause the smog check failure even though an oil catch can help the engine’s overall long-term performance.

The oil catch can not allow the vehicle to pass the California smog inspection since it reconfigures its original emission design system. 

Are catch cans a gimmick?

Yes, they’re not a bad idea either. Catch can come in handy while sending the oil or other junk to the bottom of the catch, aiming to route the pressure to the intake manifold. The less build-up, the better, although the catch can not stop every contaminant from coating the valves and entering the intake manifold in a direct injection engine.

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After reading through this article to the end, you might consider installing a catch can to prevent oil and other contaminants from building up inside the engine’s manifold intake on your car.

The build-up may, in turn, hurt the horsepower and fuel economy to cause misfires when left unattended to inside the intake. 

However, be sure that this can particularly affect direct-injected engines since they have nothing that prevents gunk from building up as much as they directly shoot fuel into the cylinder.

At the same time, remember that the entire process can void your warranty if not done carefully. Now you know everything about what Ford says concerning catch cans and their effects on cars. Better Luck!

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