5.7 Hemi Oil Control Valve Location (Answered with Image & Video)

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We all are aware of the oil flow of the car engine through all of it when we turn our vehicle on all the time. But we are not aware of the part that is used to control the oil flow of the car through the 5.7 Hemi engine.

Therefore, you need to learn about that part so that you can keep track of the engine getting oil that it requires and your car gets running properly. The part that gets the oil flow through the car engine is known as the oil control valve.

Learning about the location and other details of this part can certainly ensure the well-being of your vehicle and engine.

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Where is the oil control valve located?

You won’t find an oil control valve in all vehicles. There are a few vehicles that have an oil control valve inside the engine. But they are usually situated in vehicles that have engines equipped with variable valve timing systems.

Where is the oil pressure sensor on 5.7 Hemi?      

Code for a 5.7 Hemi is P0520 which refers to the oil pressure sensor. Our experts try doing some research on it to find if it is a job that anyone can do. We see that it is an easy job for you if you can locate the oil pressure sensor on 5.7 Hemi.

oil pressure sensor on 5.7 Hemi

To find the oil pressure sensor on a 5.7 Hemi, you will require a step stool and a 1-1/16 inch deep socket. You can then find the oil pressure sensor above the oil filter which is located in front of the 5.7 Hemi engine.

Where is the oil control valve?

Oil control valves are designed to help to improve the performance of the engine and enhance functionality. They can also help an engine to get better gas mileage with a small number of emissions.

Where is the oil control valve

A lot of action and moving parts that are set inside of an engine get protection from an oil control valve. But finding oil control valves is not an easy task in most vehicles. You need to get inside the variable valve timing system to get hold of the oil control valves.

5.7 Hemi sensor locations

The original 5.7 Hemi had the 32-tooth sensor inside the engine, but the new ones step up with a 58-tooth sensor.

The reason behind the increasing number of the tooth was to provide more accurate and immediate information during rotation to the crankshaft position computer.

It needed that to coordinate and control VVT, Direct Ignition, and MDS along with all other electronics on the engine. Read More on:5.7 Hemi Cylinder Deactivation Solenoid Location

5.7 Hemi oil control valve symptoms

5.7 Hemi oil control valve symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that can give you an indication about a bad oil control valve and they are as follows:

  • Your vehicle will stop getting the regular fuel economy it used to get.
  • Your car may start accelerating a bit slower than you would expect it would while stepping on the gas pedal.
  • The engine light of your car may pop on if the oil control valves are not good. Therefore, the computer will keep checking your engine light most of the time.
  • You may also get strange smells to your nose coming from the direction of the engine.
  • The braking system of your vehicle will also not be the same and it won’t deliver the performance that you anticipate from it while stepping on the brake pedal.
  • Your car may start showing other serious issues regarding the engine as well.
  • Your vehicle will start getting overheated engines as well.

If you see that any of the above-mentioned issues are plaguing your vehicle, then you should never hesitate to get your vehicle checked out at once. Driving around with damaged oil control valves in your car is not a great idea as it can lead to even more serious issues and damage to your engine in the future.

5.7 Hemi oil pressure relief valve

The oil pressure relief valve is highly interlinked with the oil pump outlet. Most oil pump outlets are positive displacement pumps. They deliver more oil than an engine requires. To address this issue, there is an oil pressure relief valve situated at the oil pump outlet.

The purpose of this valve is to open the engine when the pressure of the engine oil will reach a certain value. This value should be fixed according to your engine quality manually.

5.7 Hemi idle air control valve location

The idle air control valve is also popular as the IAC valve and they are located on the body of the throttle of fuel-injected engines. It works there with the ECU of the car or other vehicle so that it can electrically regulate more airflow to the engine and ensure smooth idling for the vehicle.

5.7 Hemi idle air control valve location

The importance of this part in an engine is immense and to solve any engine issue locating IAC is pretty necessary.

5.7 Hemi short runner valve location

The short runner valve is a diversion line that confiscates air from the enclosure directly to the heads of the cylinder. This detour route is much shorter than going through the longer intake manifold.

Air passes through the longer intake manifold by keeping the valve close and the solenoid executes this task. There are some conditions such as load conditions, coolant temperature, and other variables that allow the solenoid to function properly.

Short runner valves keep all these things maintained properly. They are located on the firewall facing the backside of the intake manifold. You need to remove the intake to replace it or do any test on it.

5.7 Hemi VVT problems

VVT refers to Variable Valve Timing of the engine and all of the 5.7 Hemi engines do have this VVT so that it can improve better efficiency and breathe under a range of conditions.

5.7 Hemi VVT problems

But this VVT can face issues in many circumstances and here are the problems that 5.7 Hemi VVT face as follows:

  • Ticking problem: This problem is a result of using low-quality oil and therefore the 5.7 Hemi engine starts to tick.
  • Lifters can also be the reason to produce ticking noise and therefore the VVT can get problems.
  • Because of the lack of lubrication in the engine, 5.7 Hemi VVT can start showing issues and the ticking noise will continue in this case also.

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