Why does the gas pump stop when my tank isn’t complete [Answered]

When I was a child, the question “How does the gas pump stop when my tank is full? “is one of the big mysteries. Of course, no hidden cameras or agents were doing this. Moreover, the process was a bit more straightforward than expected.

However, this was the game of a hole, but what if the pump stops before the tank is full. It means you are facing some problems that have to be resolved. So that, I’m here with you to help you out. Check 7 Symptoms of Defective Fuel Pump Driver Module Explained

All about Gas Pump Nozzle

The gas pump nozzle is the central part of the gasoline pump and helps you enter the gas into the car’s filler pipe without any leakage or other issues. Usually, they are made to be strong and of high quality to control any breakout.

Moreover, these nozzles are generally attached at the end of the pump with the help of hoses. Likewise, hoses keep them away from any breakage, especially in extreme environmental conditions.

And they are attached to the nozzle by the coil or spring. The whole structure is solid and rigid; otherwise, gas or fuel can cause any leakage.

Furthermore, nozzles are color-coded according to different countries and states. For example, a black-colored hose in the UK means the fuel running in it is diesel. However, this black color in the US means unleaded fuel. As a result, the color of the nozzle can vary. 

However, a same size nozzle of the same colors can cause wrong fueling, leading to a big disaster. That’s why the size of the nozzles is made according to the length of the filler pipe.

Likewise, the diesel pump’s nozzle is typically more extensive than the gasoline or others. Thus, nozzles are of different colors and sizes; you have to examine yourself according to your country.

How does a gas pump nozzle work?

The thing that goes on regularly sometimes loses its importance. Like we all go to the gas station, grab the pump and fill the fuel but don’t know how this all happens. We consider it as a usual fact of daily life.

Moreover, knowing this process will improve your knowledge and help you out regarding accidental issues. So, let’s take a look at it. 

There is a hole located on the tip of the pump’s nozzle, and all the processes take place by that whole. Maybe you never noticed its presence, but you can take a look at it. When we fill the fuel in the car’s pipe, the tank is not serving first, and the air is passing through that hole which keeps the process continuing.

Consequently, when the filler pipe is full, the oil touches the nozzle and blocks the air passage. The blocked air causes a vacuum which results in the stoppage of fuel getting into the nozzle.

However, that whole at the outside or inside of the nozzle is controlling the fuel passage. You will now get that no mini-cameras or fairies stop the fuel, and the process is relatively straightforward.

What are the parts of a gas pump?

As we discussed above, a gas pump is used for filling the fuel tank of the vehicle. But you may don’t know about its parts and structure.

A gas pump is also called a modern fuel dispenser, which has two main parts: an electronic head and a mechanical section.

The electronic charge calculates the fuel readings; however, the other parts are mechanically based on meters, pumping units, valves, electric motors, etc. These mechanical parts control the fuel flow and can be physically pumped.

Moreover, some hotter countries have the submersible pump, which is a supermodel of the past one.  In these areas, the suction pump got problems because of delivering the warm fuel. So, that’s why they have to make submersible pumps possible for them.Fuel Evaporation Leakage Check (Causes & Prevention)

However, in the modern pump, the number of hoses increases, which gives more protection. 

When pumping gas, it keeps stopping; how do you fix it?

Many people came to this situation when they found their gas pump stopping again and again, and they declared the car to be a culprit without any scientific research. So to those people, hey, your car will never be a culprit in this case. Fuel Pump Not Priming – What’s The Likely Cause and Fix?

In this case, your car model doesn’t matter because all vehicles have almost identical fuel filler and pipe attached with it, which goes to the engine.

All have the exact mechanism. But the gas pump is getting advanced and changing from time to time, so in this case, if you are getting an issue, then it will indeed relate to the gas pump.

However, I have discussed the whole mechanism of the fuel pump and how it works, so now let’s look into the problems it can cause. You can check the video


 If you face a fuel stopping problem, it may be due to just splashing the fuel when it comes back and touching the whole.

You know that there is a cut-off sensor; it doesn’t work when it is blocked. So, it can also be done if the pump pipe is small and the hole is filled with gas more quickly than before.

Does the gas pump stop when the tank is full?

You probably know the answer to this query, but if not, then look into it. The gas pump has a simple mechanism; the fuel will keep going if the hole at the tip of the nozzle gets the air. 

They are designed to breathe until the tank is full.

Moreover, if the pump stops working when it detects the fuel blocking the air of the whole, then you don’t have to put extra effort to stop the feeling.

However, this was the whole process, which is a lot simpler and more accessible.How Does A Car Act When The Fuel Pump Is Going Out?

Gas pump stops every few seconds: How to fix

I have already told you the mechanism and problems, but if this is not happening with you, check out other options. Like, if your pump is still cutting the fuel, it can happen because of the high flow rate passing from the pump, causing high splashing.

If that’s the case, change the trigger settings and adjust it to the lower notch or try hand squeezing.

Hopefully, your problem will resolve; if not, then lastly, try rubbing the hole; maybe there will be trash blocking the hole. Don’t rush; try some experiments and tests, and you will get to the problem.


Why does the gas pump keep clicking off?

When the pump starts to stop, again and again, there are several reasons that can be behind this whole process. Moreover, it may be due to the splashing or maybe there is the dirt that is blocking the pathway of the air. You can check it visually, and if there is dirt or mud, just press it on the piece of cloth and it will be done.

Does the gas pump automatically stop when the tank is full?

Yes, when the tank is full, the pump automatically stops. However, it’s not the magic of the fairies or there are no hidden cameras. This is done by the mechanism, in which the vacuum pressure is generated to stop the fuel. It’s quite an easy process.

How to fix the gas pump that keeps shutting off?

Normally, when the pressure of the fuel is higher than the normal level, the uel when entered in the tank causes unrequired splashing. From this splashing, the hole of the nozzle keeps blocking, which causes shutting down of the fuel again and again. .But you can resolve this problem, by just changing the settings on the electronic pump meter.

How do gas pumps know when to stop?

You may know that there is a hole at the top of the nozzle, if not then you can see it by yourself. Moreover, when you start filling the tank, the air continuously passes from that whole and keeps the process ongoing. But when it’s full, the fuel or gas slightly fills the hole, the vacuum creates that results in the stoppage of fuel.


As I discussed all the problems and their solutions with you, I hope you will get your issue solved. Don’t be mad either about your car or pump; check out all the things, and hopefully, you will resolve the problem.

Don’t get engaged in a lot of confusion. Go through how the fuel enters your pump, especially seeing the hole with your naked eye to check any breakage or dust. Visualizing is the best source of finding the issues, and don’t worry, you will get it.

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