Top 3 Best Gear Oil For Noisy Differential (Reviews in 2023)

Unless we use high-precision gears, quieting noisy differentials seem like breaking a bank. But, still, it is possible to cover these problems in affordable bags if we use the best gear oil for noisy differential. 

Many times, we can’t find the right one because of numerous options in the market. And for that, I have transpired some well-organized products which can meet anybody’s total content.

I hope the given information can fix your mind and make your desire stronger for an acquisition. 

Scroll down to know the best gear oil for differential reviews.

3 Best gear oil for noisy differential and Best oil to quiet differential

So now we are going discuss the best noisy differential oil additive.

#1. AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Oil – Best oil to quiet differential

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Getting remarkable cold-weather performance is possible if you have AMSOIL Full Synthetic Gear Oil with you. This oil is also available in accessible pack containers to provide convenience in usage. 

In the same way, AMSOIL Gear Oil leaves no stone unturned to reduce operating temperatures during tough goings. By pouring down to -46C for dependable cold weather, the oil doesn’t lack in providing high performance.

Extreme heat protection 

AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-140 decreases operating temperatures and keeps frictions in check. Moreover, the components of Amsoil Oil provide continuous protection even in heavy loads and extreme heat. 

Protects in cold weather 

For the most part, Amsoil Severe Oil flows into crucial components as it has a cold-pour-point of -46C. Thus, fuel economy, performance, and protection are up to the mark here. 

Leak-free and pliable seal

75W-140 Severe Gear’s oil is manufactured to keep seals protected and last for a long time. Later on, they become supple and move away from all sorts of shrinkings from gears. AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes do not typically require an additional frictionmodifier additive.


Specifications of Amsoil Severe Gear Oil 75W-140 include-

  • API GL-5
  • API MT-1
  • Eaton PS-037
  • Mack GO-J
  • MIL-PRF-2105E
  • Dana SHARES 234

The service life of Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-140 Synthetic Oil

Automotive applications

During water immersion cases, the service intervals of Amsoil Severe Gear Oil are not safe to be applied. So, better change your Severe Gear 75W-140 often to maintain the given conditions. 

Severe service

Change your severe oil every 50,000 miles, especially in dusty conditions. Such as hauling, snow-plowing, towing, racing, and so on. 

Normal service 

Make sure to change your oil every 100,000 miles or in times of intervals as an OEM. 

Heavy-duty off-road

Change the oil in intervals at 120,000 miles. Or, you can also follow OEM recommendations of synthetic oil if it comes in prior.

Heavy-duty Class 8 Truck

Here, you will have to change your oil up to 250,000 miles. But if the recommendation of the OEM comes first, go with that.


  • Reduces operating temperatures in tough goings
  • Keeps frictions and heat in check ,best protection
  • Flows easily into crucial components 
  • It prevents gear from shrinking and keep the seels supple


  • Miscibility is limited

#2. Amsoil Severe Gear Lube 75W-90 – Best gear oil for noisy differential

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If you demand the best, Amsoil Severe Gear Lube 75W-90 can be a favorable one. Along with high-load demands, this product contains high film strength too.

Furthermore, you can provide your gear firm protection against corrosion and wear. As a result, no friction is seen, which helps to excel the gear in high temperatures. 

Other conventional oils will indeed get outperformed if you execute your gear once with Amsoil Severe Gear Lube. Wherefore, there is no doubt in efficiency as well. 


Those who use vehicles, like- cars and trucks, can have a notable performance in their gears with Amsoil Severe Lube. Simultaneously, you can also use this lube for racing, hauling, towing, and other commercial uses. 


Carbon varnishes are a mere problem we get to see in our gears. To budge out those contaminants, Amsoil Severe Lube is always ready for you. It not only prevents equipment from acids but also breakdowns which are caused due to high heat. 

Thermal runaway

We know thermal conditions result in catastrophic damages to gears and vehicles. Since Amsoil Severe Lube has exceptional properties, you can use it to control thermal runways effectively. 

Wax-free construction 

Another reason why Amsoil Lube is outstanding is because of its wax-free construction. Thereupon, all cold properties will remain like an essence in your gear for a long time. Additionally, the cold weather shiftings will be improving your fuel economy precisely. 


  • Contains all high-load demands and high film strength 
  • An excellent alternative for racing, hauling, towing, and other commercial uses
  • Reduces friction in gears and protects from wears
  • Best for controlling thermal runways


  • Reacts adversely in the presence of water

#3. Amsoil Slip Lock Limited Slip Additive

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Amsoil Slip Lock Limited Slip is something you can choose in your first plump as it’s one of the best gear oil for limited-slip differentials. With advanced friction modifiers, the product holds a high-quality formulation in its mixture. 

Frequently, we see gear housing chatter in trucks, SUVs, and cars. If you are facing the same, I must recommend you try the Amsoil Slip Lock Additive. 

Lubricants like petroleum and synthetic will work excellent once they get a mixture of this product. And talking about safety, that’s ensured here. Amsoil’s additive replaces friction modifiers in such a way that you won’t find any splits or malfunctions in your gears.


The Limited Slip Additive of Amsoil is a great alternative to be used for preventing excessive power. And it’s no secret that additives get allocated from one wheel to another. The products come out with a rare combination of stability and quality. 

Handles power in gears

Your gear’s traction won’t remain limited with the use of Amsoil Limited Slip Additive. Since this oil doesn’t limit traction in bags, it will become easy for you to handle the tiny portion of power.


  • Has advanced modifier friction and high-quality formulation
  • Removes gear housing chatters
  • Works well with petroleum and synthetic lubricants
  • Ensures safety of gears


  • Transmits minimal power

How to Quiet Differential Whine: 9 Ways to Quiet Your Differential Whine

Before snapping up a gear oil for a noisy differential, you have first to know how to quiet your differential whine. It would help if you had a bit of time and some essential tools.

Now, let us not beat around a bush any more and see the steps. 

#1. Prepare the area

First, keep your vehicle on a ramp or jack stand. Therefore, you will get easy access to your differentials.

#2. Replace differential fluid

Absorb the ideas of different fluids from the owners’ manual so that you can know when you need to change the fluid. 

#3. Replace the seal

There could be small pieces of metals in drained oil. In such situations, you must remove those pieces and the cover plate entirely.

#4. Test your vehicle

In the next step, you have to take your vehicle for a test run to see if your whining is working or not. 

#5. Inspect the side seal, pinion seal, and differential gasket

Side seal, pinion seal, and differential gaskets can sometimes be a reason for whining in gears. Though rear gaskets are easy to check, other parts are pretty hard in that turn. 

#6. Clean the housing 

Here, you will have to use a brake cleaner for saturating all the male fittings and axle gears. Then wipe off the debris and greases. 

#7. Replace broken parts

Worn or chipped gears are not suitable to be kept for a long time and instead need to be replaced. 

#8. Lubricate and reinstall the axle into differential 

Lubricate your axle correctly so that the outer gear attaches with the inner bags perfectly. 

#9. Assemble and test drive

Give the last check to your differentials to see if all bolts are tightened or not. And if everything seems well, remove your vehicle from the jack. 

I am running heavier weight gear oil- What happen if you use thicker gear oil in the differential.

Heavier gear oils are not a permanent solution to stop noisy diff additives. Also, if you consider a little more, pinions and rings in gears don’t make noise. So, if you are entirely relying on heavier-weight gear oil, that won’t be fine.

Will thicker oil quiet a rear differential?

Thicker gear oil in differential, which weighs more than 80, is perfect. Such differentials have their lubrication and housing where front drivers usually integrate them in transmissions. 

What additive to quiet noisy differential? 

You must have heard about SHIFT EZE. It’s fantastic gear oil and transmission, which has a formulation of molybdenum and PTFE. Thus, an improved shift quality will remain in your gear system throughout. 

Check Gear Oil For Limited Slip Differentials

Rear differential fluid

The rear differential fluid should be checked every 24,000 miles. Its level should be maintained between the two marks on the dipstick. If the fluid level is low, add only Mercon full synthetic ATF rear differential fluid.

Synthetic differential fluid

Synthetic differential fluid is designed to keep your car’s differential in top condition. This fluid helps compensate for the extreme temperatures in which your differential works. It is compatible with wet-clutch, power-shift transmissions, and limited slip differentials with viscosities ranging between 75W140 and 85W140.

What oil reduces gear noise?

The type of oil that reduces gear noise is a gear oil. Gear oil is specifically designed to lubricate and protect gears in gearboxes and other drivetrain components. Gear oil is typically thicker than other types of oil, such as engine oil, and it contains additives that help to reduce friction and wear.

Additive to quiet noisy differential

There are a few additives that can be used to quiet a noisy differential. However, it is important to note that these additives are not always effective, and they may not be suitable for all differentials. It is also important to consult your owner’s manual before using any additives in your differential.

Here are a few examples of additives that can be used to quiet a noisy differential:

  • Lucas Oil 10008 Differential Additive
  • Royal Purple Max Gear Quiet
  • Amsoil Severe Gear Friction Modifier
  • Red Line 57904 Differential Additive

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Gear Oil Change Cure Limited-Slip Differential Noise?

Well, not always.A gear oil change will not cure a clunking limited-slip differential.

How do you stop a noisy differential?

To stop a noisy differential, you first have to prep the area and replace it with a differential fluid. Then replace the seal and test your vehicle. Afterward, you have to inspect your rear differential gasket, side seal, and pinion seal.

Accordingly, you can’t forget to clean your housing as well. Following this, replace the broken parts and then lubricate the differential before reinstalling the axle into it. Now, you can reassemble and test drive.

What is the best oil for a differential?

Here are some best oils for differential, you can give a look to-

  • Full Synthetic Differential Fluid: Mobil Delvac Syn Gear 75W90
  • Suitable For Synthetic Transmission: Lucas additive Oil 10048
  • Best For VTM-4: Honda 08200-9003
  • High-Quality Synthetic Lube: Red Line MT-90
  • Best Differential Fluid: Royal Purple ROY01300

How do I quiet my rear differential noise?

As I mentioned before, you will have to prep the area first to quiet your rear differential noise. Then replace your rear differential fluid and seal.

After returning, test your vehicle and inspect the pinion seal, side seal, and gasket. Next, clean the housing without forgetting to replace those broken parts. Reinstall axle differential and reassemble like before.

Will thicker oil quiet a rear differential?

It’s not a guarantee that pinions and rings make noise in the rear differential. But that’s not entirely true. Pinion bearings are not mainly a source of the noise. So, if you run heavier gear lube, that won’t solve your entire problem. 

How much oil to use in noisy differentials?

You need to use the best-quality gear oil so that you can afford to fill the differentials. The exact details of required weight and capacity will be listed on the user manual whereas your differential will mostly take as much as three quarts of oil to use in noisy differentials. 

Which is the best Lube for locking differentials?

Gear lube is a kind of lubricant which is specifically made for transfer cases, transmissions, and trucks, automobiles, and other machinery differentials. There are thousands of lubes available in the market but only a few of them have the quality and performance people require. But Mobile 1 Synthetic Gear Lube is undoubtedly the best lube for locking differentials.

Which is the best differential oil for high pressure?

It is very tough to name only one best differential oil for high pressure because there are several high-quality high pressure oils that can provide top-notch service to your engine. But if we have to name the best differential oil, then we would like to recommend Mobil Delvac Syn Gear 75W90 differential oil. This one is a fully synthetic differential gear fluid that is created to fulfill high-quality performance requirements. This synthetic differential oil is mainly produced for usage in the high load of transmissions and can work under shock loads and extreme pressure. 

Which is the best differential oil for manual gearbox?

Naming the best differential oil for the manual gearbox is not an easy task. There are multiple options with the best quality and performance assurance. Even each of them has its own set of unique features and perks. Therefore, it certainly will change according to your requirements. Overall, Red Line GL-5 75W90 Gear Oil is the best differential oil for the manual gearbox. 

Conclusion About best oil to quiet differential

Hopefully, you got an oriented distinction on the best gear oil for noisy differential from the above concept. You were pursuing an excellent item of gear oil; at that time mandatory to have options of appropriate products. Original Gear oil can be also used for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles. Hope you find the best gear oil to stop differential noise.

In that regard, you must have your concede thoughts on and choose your gear oil wisely. And hope that the prescribed best oil to quiet differential will help you to sort out.

Note: There are 2 differentials: front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive differentials & use gears to change the direction of torque from the engine equally between wheels.

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