4 Best Mercon V Transmission Fluid Review & Guide In 2023

No doubt, our engines face certain viscosity breakdowns in high and low temperatures. And to prevent these hindrances, the best Mercon v transmission fluid seems to be the only option. Otherwise, our engines will have to suffer wears, sludges, lacquers, etc. 

To ensure there are no typical barriers in engines, different brands are presenting awesome transmission fluids. And Mercon V is one of them. Since the available options are making us more confused, I have prescribed some genuine products for you. Well, every product has been conferred with its features. Thus, it will be easier for you to pick out the right Mercon V transmission fluid for your engine.

4 Best Mercon V Transmission Fluid

#1. Motorcraft MERCON V Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid

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While searching for Mercon v power steering fluid, Motorcraft MERCON V would be a great choice. No doubt, Motorcraft Mercon V leaves any stone unturned in quality. Other than quality, its index consumes high viscosity.

As a result, excellent shifting characteristics start to prevail in engines. Moreover, high and low temperatures will not bother you at all, which leads to breakdown.

Here, the fluidity is done so that anyone can get superb resistance against thermal and oxidation. 

Besides, Motorcraft Mercon V does not let any foam, lacquer, sludge, or gum form. Additionally, this fluid does its best to protect vehicles from corrosions and rust. There is ease in leak detection; Motorcraft’s oil has been dyed with red color. 

Particularly, Ford Motor Company recommends Motorcraft Mercon V in Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. The reason is, Mercon fluids are authentic in terms of mixture and properties.

Highlighted features 

  • Consumes high-viscosity index
  • Has excellent shifting characteristics 
  • Fluidity is done with resistant powers
  • Highly recommended by Ford Motor Company 
  • Dyed with red color


  • Resistant against thermal and oxidation 
  •  Protects vehicles from corrosions and rusts
  • Contains excellent wear protecting traits
  • Removes formations of sludge, foam, etc.

#2. Valvoline Mercon V (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Valvoline Mercon V (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid holds all properties of advanced additive technology and premium-based oils. Henceforth, all challenging demands of a vehicle owner will meet with no has elements. Why Valvoline ATF is so famous is because of its resisting power and cold flow capabilities. As opposed to conventional oils, Valvoline Mercon ATF is more resistant to heat and transmission shutter. 

Especially for those consumers who have light-duty trucks and Ford passenger trucks can get adequate advantages from Valvoline Mercon V. Furthermore, this fluid is a fine alternative for Mercury and Lincoln. And if the performance of your engine matters the most, Valvoline ATF would be a reliable option. 

To make sure there remains improved transmission durability, Mercon V is developed with anti-wear technology. Also, there are advanced additives in this fluid that fights sternly against greater films. 

Highlighted features 

  • Has advanced additive technology 
  • Made with premium based oils
  • Contains cold flow properties and resisting power
  • Comes with anti-wear technology 
  • Recommended for Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford 


  • Meets all challenging demands of engines 
  • Resistant to heat and transmission shutter
  • Best for superior performance of engines
  • Fights against greater films
  • Helps in improving transmission durability 

Does Valvoline make Mercon V?

Yes, Valvoline does make Mercon V formulated with advanced additives and premium-based oils. Thus, Mercon V wins all the challenging demands that a vehicle requires. So, it is quite clear that Valvoline is still supplying Mercon V transmission fluid. 

Is Mercon V the same as ATF?

Mercon V has no difference from an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Both the fluids are completely synthetic and not expensive at all. Hence, you can rarely find any difference between ATF and Mercon V.

#3. Valvoline Mercon V Conventional Automatic Transmission Fluid

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By meeting all the requirements of Ford Mercon V, Valvoline Conventional Transmission Fluid tends to be a first-class product. Vehicles like- light-duty trucks and Ford passenger cars cannot have anything better than Valvoline Mercon V. Here, you will get all those advanced additive technologies with premium-based stocks. Therefore, using Valvoline Conventional oil can help you in meeting the challenging demands of your vehicle. 

Furthermore, there is anti-shudder protection in this fluid to give maximum power transfer. Indeed, a smooth-shifting will also prevail on your engine. Other than that, transmission durability is important in every vehicle. To convey that improved transmission, Valvoline Mercon V holds anti-wear technology. 

Even though there are high temperatures, low temperatures, or greater films, Valvoline ATF will ensure better oil flow every time. Again, the power steering fluid application in this transmission fluid will give suitable usages. Or if you have Nissan Matic K, Matic J, or Matic D, Valvoline Mercon V ATF would be a flawless proxy.

Highlighted features 

  • Has advanced additive technology 
  • Owns premium based stocks
  • Comes with anti-shudder protection 
  • Conveys improved transmission durability 
  • Applications are of power steering fluid 


  • Meets challenging demand of fluids 
  • Prevails smooth shifting 
  • No problems in oil flow
  • Ensures easy utilizations 
  • Fights against greater films

#4. Motorcraft Mercon 5 Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Motorcraft Mercon 5 got 5 out 5 stars in terms of mileage. So if anyone is badly looking for a fluid with top-ranking mileage, Motorcraft’s fluid is your true alternative. 

Unlike any ordinary fluid, Motorcraft Mercon V tends to be a high-quality fluid with all standard properties. However, Motorcraft Transmission Fluid mainly screens out abrasives, like- dust, sand, carbon, etc. Besides, it makes sure that no wear prevails on engines significantly. And because of the pressure relief valves, Motorcraft Mercon V helps minimize contaminants from oil that circulates in the back of engines. Again, this pressure relief valve of Motorcraft Transmission Fluid gives good maintenance in supplying oil. Even though the condition is extremely hot or cold, Motorcraft fluid will not leave its authenticity. 

Likewise, there are ironed steel cases to give an accurate fit in every engine. Thereupon, you can easily resist rust by easing removals and so on. Since Mercon 5 got a large media area, it always gains optimal capacity. Again, there are well-bonded endplates to give a constant pleat spacing. 

Highlighted features 

  • High-quality fluid with standard properties 
  • Contains pressure relief valves
  • Specifies iron sealed cases
  • Owns bonded end plates
  • Holds capability of collecting dirt


  • Provides top-ranking mileage
  • Screens out abrasives
  • Helps minimize contaminants 
  • Gains optimal efficiency and capacity 

Mercon V Transmission Fluid Products Comparison

Products Descriptions 
Motorcraft MERCON V Automatic Transmission and Power Steering FluidConsumes high-viscosity index
Has excellent shifting characteristics 
Fluidity is done with resistant powers
Valvoline Mercon V (ATF) Automatic Transmission FluidHas advanced additive technology
Made with premium based oils
Contains cold flow properties  and resisting power Comes with anti-wear technology
Valvoline Mercon V Conventional Automatic Transmission FluidHas advanced additive technology
Owns premium based stocks.
Comes with anti-shudder protection
Conveys improved transmission durability 
Motorcraft Mercon 5 Automatic Transmission FluidHigh-quality fluid with standard properties 
Contains pressure relief valves
Specifies iron sealed cases

Is Motorcraft Mercon V ATF Synthetic?

Similar to Dexron all, Motorcraft V ATF is the most general kind of fluid you can get. Being a Ford Automatic Fluid, Motorcraft Mercon V detects leaks with a complete dye of red color. In contrast, this Motorcraft Mercon V ATF is a fully synthetic oil presenting great performance to engines.

Mercon V Power Steering Fluid

Mercon V power steering fluid is a highly recommended alternative by Ford Motor Company in Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. In essence, Mercon V leaves no stone unturned in performing automatic transmissions. Besides, Mercon V Steering Fluid contains hydro-processed oils, high viscosity index, and specially designed additives.

Along with low-temperature fluidity, Mercon V fluid provides excellent oxidation and thermal resistance. Moreover, this oil will keep your engines protected from rusts, corrosions, sludge, foams, and lacquer. 

Particularly, Mercon V should be applied in transfer cases, e.g., when recommended for MERCON® ATF. For instance, Motorcraft® MERCON® V will be suitable to use as hydraulic oil in industrial applications. 

Best Mercon V Transmission Fluid Buying Guide

Most of us cannot figure out which transmission fluid would be best for us. But once you grasp all those necessary traits that make a fluid completely, your half stress will vanish. Then choose a suitable store keeping all your requirements in mind. Now, let us not delay anymore and see sequentially below.

Compatibility with vehicle

Some fluids adapt perfectly with almost every automobile. And if you have many vehicles, you can go with the transmission fluid with high adapting power with all vehicles. Again, a cross-check is also important so that no stones are left unturned in selecting the right fluid. So, do not forget to see the owner’s manual at a glance. 


Nevertheless, renowned brands should always be our priority while buying a transmission fluid. Compared to regular fluids, top-leading fluids are more worth it. However, the aftermarket brands are also approaching high-quality transmission fluids at cheaper prices. 


In urgent need of fluids, I would recommend not to bother for price and directly go for a shipshape fluid. But if you want to stay stuck to your budget and choose without any rush, then cheaper fluids will not be a bad option. Also, transmission fluids of moderate price are superb inefficiency.

Protective additives

Additives that protect fluid breakdown play a great role in keeping the stability of a fluid. As a result, your fluid will remain in the system for a long time without any hindrance. And the main reason for this stability is proper additives.

Conventional or Synthetic 

Among conventional and synthetic oils, synthetic oils are more efficient. They can easily withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions. But do not forget that synthetic oils are quite expensive as well.

It is cheaper, conventional oils serve well, but they have less tolerance against heat. Moreover, these oils break down fast. 

What type of fluid is Mercon V?

Mercon V is an automatic transmission fluid used in earlier models of Fords. In the same way, Dexron lll serves like Mercon V but in a dye of red color. Being a fully synthetic oil, Mercon V detects leaks carefully within an abundant premium mixture. 

Is there conventional transmission fluid?

Yes, there is available conventional transmission fluid in the market, which helps extend the lives of engines. Conventional fluids are indeed less efficient than standard fluids like Mercon V Still, and conventional oils can be a fine substitute if you are looking for normal lubrication with no eternities. 

Is Mercon V the same as Mercon ATF?

Yes, Mercon V is quite similar to Mercon ATF since both contain standard properties at once. By comparing both the fluids, Mercon V has tighter specifications than Mercon ATF. If your manufacturer recommends using Mercon V, there would be no problem if you use Mercon ATF instead. 

What is Mercon V transmission fluid?

Mercon V transmission fluid is an enthusiastically prescribed option by Ford Motor Company in Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. Generally, Mercon V investigates every possibility of performing automatic transmissions. Furthermore, Mercon V Steering Fluid contains hydro prepared based oils, a high consistency record, and uniquely planned added substances. 

Alongside low-temperature ease, Mercon V liquid gives fluent oxidation and warm opposition. Also, this oil will keep your motors shielded from rusts, consumptions, sludge, lacquers, and foams.

In particular, Mercon V should be applied in transfer cases, e.g., when recommended for MERCON® ATF. For instance, Motorcraft® MERCON® V will be suitable to use as hydraulic oil in industrial applications. 

Is there is a difference between Mercon V and Mercon LV?

Mercon V is a common automatic transmission fluid suitable for making replacements in type CJ and Type H fluid. Anyways, Mercon V is not a suitable replacement for Type F, though. Similarly, Mercon LV is also the latest model of Ford ATF with a factory fill in 2008. In light manners, Mercon V and Mercon LV are not compatible at all. So, for broad and in-depth research, you can check what’s the difference between mercon v and mercon lv?

What is Mercon?

Mercon is particularly a trading name of automatic transmission fluids produced by Ford company. However, Mercon identifies all technical specifications. Before, this name represented a trademark, and later on, it was renowned as a brand. Well, the fire point of Mercon is 185 degrees, and the flashpoint is 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

About mercon lv transmission fluid

Ford Motor Company recommends Mercon LV transmission fluid to use in vehicles like- Lincoln and Ford. Besides, automatic transmissions that are electronically controlled will perform fascinating once they get lubrication of Mercon lv oil. 

In brief, Mercon LV is all about premium quality, high viscosity index, performance additives, and hydro-processed based oils. Even though the temperature is extremely high or low, Mercon lv leaves no possibility to provide extended performance throughout. 

But when there are unadaptable applications, such as- MERCON® SP, MERCON® V, MERCON® ULV, FNR5 Automatic Transmission Fluid, Motorcraft® Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid, it will be good not to use Mercon LV fluid.

Can mercon v mixed with mercon lv?

No, Mercon V is not compatible with Mercon LV at all. So if you are thinking of mixing Mercon V with Mercon LV, there will not appear any good result.

Mercon v transmission fluid compatibility

Mercon V transmission fluid is compatible with Dexron lll, Ford model, Type CJ, and Type H fluid.

Mercon v compatible fluids

Some fluids that are compatible with Mercon V are- Type CJ and Type H fluid. 

What is the difference between Mercon and Mercon v?

Mercon is different from Mercon V in terms of synthetic texture. Mainly, Mercon V proves its authenticity by being semisynthetic transmission fluid. At the same time, Mercon is not synthetic at all. Henceforth, Mercon V is better than Mercon by protecting engines from shudder, wear, and oxidation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What transmission fluid is compatible with Mercon V?

No doubt, Mercon V is a superb transmission oil. On the other hand, MaxLife ATF serves the same. Similar to Mercon V, Ford is also registered by Ford Motor Company’s trademark. 

Is Mercon V synthetic transmission fluid?

Yes, Mercon V tends to be a synthetic transmission fluid or automatic transmission fluid (ATF). This fluid is used as a model of Fords, which is similar to Dexron lll. Usually, Mercon V utilizes red color to dye and thus help in detecting leaks.

Is Mercon V and dexron III the same?

Mercon V and Dexron III are quite similar, but still, they carry some differences. Again, Mercon V and Dexron lll oppose each other chemically. Mercon gains a fire point of 185 degrees within a different flashpoint and a flashpoint of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Can you mix Mercon and Mercon V transmission fluid?

Mixing Mercon and Mercon V are like mixing a regular fluid and premium fluid. However, the result of your fluids’ mixture will be based on the percentage of each. Remember, Mercon V is always good to be put in a maximum amount. 

What is the difference between Mercon and Mercon V transmission fluid?

Mercon V is a great transmission fluid being a semisynthetic fluid. Although full synthetic oils are always the best, Mercon V is nowhere a bad fluid at all. At the same time, Mercon is neither a semisynthetic nor a full-synthetic oil. Instead, Mercon is a non-synthetic fluid having less longevity and thermal stability. 

Is Mercon V still made?

Mercon V used to be known as Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). In contrast, the transmissions suggested that Mercon ATF can utilize Mercon V. And yes, Mercon V has not stopped its service yet. But yes, the manufacturing of this fluid is no longer done. 

Can I use dexron VI instead of Mercon V?

Yes, you can use Dexron VI instead of Mercon V as both of them are quite similar in properties. Being a backward transmission fluid, Dexron VI remains compatible with maximum alternative fluids. 

Is Mercon V power steering fluid?

Undoubtedly, Mercon V is a power steering fluid along with transmission fluid. Preferably, Mercon V is best for power steering rather than transfer cases. On the flipping side, Mercon V has not been made since 2007. Though the availability of Mercon V is profound, its production is not done.

Can you use Mercon V transmission fluid?

Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford recommend and formulates Mercon V. This transmission fluid is the most common type of substitute known as Ford Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). So yes, the requirement of Mercon transmission fluid is still prevailing.  

What transmission fluid does Ford recommend?

Ford has been recommending Motorcraft Mercon V from the first day. Specifically, Ford Motor Company suggests a premium-quality transmission fluid like Mercon V. Furthermore, Mercury and Lincoln adapt well with this fluid. For this reason, these vehicles recommend the Mercon V significantly. 

Where To Buy Mercon V Transmission Fluid?

Here are some online data where you can easily get Mercon V transmission fluid. 

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • ATO 24
  • Spec Products
  • Auto Zone
  • NapaOnline
  • Travel Nation Hockey
  • Menards
  • Lazada
  • Pep boys 
  • Buy
  • Tooling Geek


Summing up, Mercon V is a superb choice to increase the performance of any vehicle. Within smooth shifting performance, this oil leaves no capabilities of maximum protecting power. Yet, the best mercon v transmission fluid is inevitable to get from the above products. 

To give you a more hint, Motorcraft Mercon V Automatic Transmission Fluid and Valvoline Mercon V deserve a second thought. Nevertheless, these two products are leading in the market with zero objections. 

Hopefully, you can judge out your best transmission fluid and have a nice experience thereby. 

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