PF48 Vs PF48E Oil Filter: Which One You Choose?

Keeping your car’s oil clean is important, which is why it has an oil filter. It removes contaminants from the engine while keeping it clean over time.

Here, we will discuss the comparison of ACDelco’s PF48 vs PF48E oil filters. By using these filters, you can maintain a clean supply of motor oil.

So, PF48 or PF48E: which oil filter performs better? Choosing a suitable oil filter is crucial. Despite their similar appearances, small differences such as thread size or gasket size may determine the compatibility of your filter. 

Hopefully, this article will help you to better understand which oil filter your car needs. Using a high-quality oil filter along with quality motor oil will make your car run more efficiently. Well, let’s discover it below.

PF48 Vs PF48E Oil Filter: Quick Comparison Chart

PF48 Vs PF48E

The engine won’t last if the oil is dirty. For a longer service life, you need the best oil filter for your car. What should you choose between the PF48E vs PF48? Let’s have a look at their specifications briefly.

Product grade:Performance partPerformance part
Material:Steel, human hairStainless steel, paper
Item dimensions (LxWxH):3.3 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches3.6 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
Item weight:0.49 pounds‎0.25 pounds
Country of origin:USAUSA

PF48E Vs PF48 Oil Filter: In-Depth Difference & Analysis

These parts are genuine OE parts installed by ACDelco during vehicle production on GM-branded vehicles. Parts from ACDelco’s GM Original Equipment line may have been sold as Genuine GM Parts (OE) and ACDelco Professional.

About PF48 

PF48 oil filter is a professional, high-quality aftermarket replacement product. With PF48, you can count on superior performance & dependability.

Generally, you will receive a product that meets your expectations for form, fit, and function.

A filtration system that captures particles smaller than 30 microns. It minimizes torque during installation because of its lubricity gasket. 

The PF48 oil filter has an easy-to-install full-cover baseplate for blinds. Compared to metal core filters, nylon core filters offer 1.5x more strength and excellent flow characteristics. 

Due to its synthetic end caps, it is ultrasonically attached to prevent the media from being blocked by adhesives found in conventional filters.

About PF48E

The PF48E has a multi-pass filtering efficiency of 98% at a micron size of 25–30 microns, providing excellent filtration performance. With cellulose media, the PF48E oil filter traps particles about 1/3 the width of a human hair and ensures that engine components receive clean oil. 

The burst strength of this oil is 5 times higher than the operating pressure found in most engine oils. For enhanced durability, the oil should be heated to operating temperatures. 

With PF48E, you can fit 98% of cars, SUVs, and light trucks, domestic and foreign, regardless of their make and model.

Similarities between pf48e vs pf48

  • Both ACDelco’s GM original equipment motor oil filters are rigorously tested, designed, and manufactured to General Motors’ strict standards.
  • PF48 and PF48E keeps abrasive particles from contacting bearings, hydraulic components, & other elements.
  • Both ACDelco GM factory equipment parts were formerly sold as GM Original Parts (OE) or Professional as well.
  • Engineers at General Motors design & validate OEM parts, especially for Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac automobiles.
  • PF48 and PF48E are both part of general motors. However, GM is continually updating its technology, materials and processes for both production and service parts.

Features Of PF48

The PF48 comes with a nylon poppet and compression spring that is better than current valve designs. Additionally, a nylon core with a perfectly round shape increased the filer’s collapse strength by 25 percent. A potted adhesive layer no longer covers the filter media, preventing filtration. 

The PF48 provides exceptional filtering performance because of its outstanding filtering capacity, high efficiency, & durability as well. With PF48 25 to 30-microns, 98 percent of single-pass filters are efficient.

To help ensure a clean supply of oil to engine parts, cellulose media is patented to trap 1/3-inch particles. For consistent, reliable filtration, thermoset adhesive seals secure filtering media.

Features Of PF48E

A 25% increase in element integrity can be achieved with PF48E, and this is due to the perfectly round nylon cores. With PF48E, the level of water accumulation resistance is improved, while both the sealing gasket and drain back valve use nitrile.

Filter media remains unchanged, but no adhesive is used to block filtration areas at either end. According to GM Powertrain, PF48E oil filters are designed to meet the performance requirements. 

Within the next few years, PF48E oil filters are expected to be used by original equipment manufacturers. The elimination of adhesive improves the durability of hot oil. Its filtration capacity and efficiency are both the same.

The performance of relief valves has been significantly improved statistically and is even more stable.

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Filtering Performance

With PF48 premium oil filters, engines are protected by outstanding filtration & lubrication. It runs on all types of motor oils, including synthetics, conventionals, and blended.

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With this synthetic-blend filtration media, your engine is protected from contaminants, and oil flows consistently. Its heavy-duty construction makes PF48 oil exceptionally durable, and its welded hex nut allows for fast and simple filter removal.

A PF48E Oil Filter is manufactured to conform to all industry standards. It prevents harmful contaminants from harming an engine, thus increasing its lifespan.

Various tests are performed on this unit to ensure its reliability and dependability. In most cases, the PF48E improves performance due to its design of relief valves.

With the PF48E, nylon poppets are compressed and spring-loaded to ensure the valve performs better than its current counterpart.


Keep your engine clean with ACDelco PF48 oil filters. Filters of this type trap particle as small as 25-microns. However, they measure about one-third of the width of human hair, so they can improve your engine’s efficiency, performance, and lifespan.

In today’s market, the ACDelco PF48 oil filter is compatible with 99% of cars, SUVs, light trucks, and pickup trucks. The PF48 oil filter has exceptional filter capacity, continuous flow management, enhanced efficiency, & high durability.

In order to keep unfiltered oil out of the engine, it has tight seals. Every filter in the PF48 series is consistent and dependable in terms of oil filtration.

ACDelco Professional’s “E” oil filter is a high-quality, premium aftermarket oil filter. With this PF48E engine oil filter, engine oil can perform better, and it’s lighter and easier to recycle as compared to traditional filters.

The PF48E filter is compatible with GM vehicles and many other vehicles currently on the market today. Its special element design creates a smaller canister with a larger filtering area.

The PF48E oil filter has been designed specifically to meet OEM service intervals suggested by auto manufacturers, with a 1 year limited warranty.

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PF48 vs PF48E: What Oil Filter To Pick?

It is possible to leak oil from an engine if the wrong filter is used or if the filter fails to fit properly. The engine could be seriously damaged in either of these situations. You must be wondering which oil is best between PF48E Vs PF48. 

An “E” indicates an “environmentally friendly” product. There is only one difference that exists between the professional series and the E series. The PF48E should filter sufficiently in a relatively short “3K to 5K OCI,” but it is better to run the “Non-Ecore” PF48 filters for longer.

Having read the above-discussed features, workability, and performance of both products, you should be able to determine which one is the best for your car. Also, if you are unsure which oil filter to choose, you can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or refer to a manufacturer’s catalog for guidance.

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What is the difference between PF48 and PF48E?

In comparison to PF48, PF48E is more advanced (the relief valve has been redesigned). Basically, it’s backwards compatible. It would be fine to use PF48E if you were using PF48. However, the PF48 is no longer in production. The “E” represents the E-core filter type. A flat plate on top and a plastic core makes it easier to fit the filter onto the threads. Both designs are interchangeable, and neither has any problems.

What does the PF48 fit?

As part of General Motors, AC Delco provides OEM parts for all GM vehicles, such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Saturn, GMC, and Opel as well.

How does the PF48E fit?

In this application, the PF48E is designed for the base engine version of the “2005 Mercury Grand Marquis.”

Are PF48 and PF64 the same?

No, PF48 and PF64 are not the same. They are both ACDelco oil filters, but they have different internal bypass valve opening pressure specifications. The PF48 has a bypass pressure of 15 PSI (100 kPa), while the PF64 has a bypass pressure of 22 PSI (150 kPa).

Final Thoughts

An oil filter plays a very significant role in your engine’s performance, and a poor oil filter can shorten its life or even cause it to malfunction. 

PF48 Vs PF48E: What’s the difference, and which is better? Both oil filters are manufactured by Acdelco, and they have similar functions and perform well. The PF48E, however, has an advanced feature that enables it to work with all kinds of cars in the modern world. In addition, they are technically less expensive, so you may see them on high-speed filters.

Pf48 and Pf48e, the main difference is that plastic mesh now replaces metal mesh in the interior. Finally, according to your vehicle’s type and personal preferences, you should choose your preferred oil filter.

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