What To Do If Fuel Pump Making Noise But Not Pumping Fuel?

Are you having difficulties starting your car? Or, you might notice a reduction in engine efficiency. All comes to a cause when there is no fuel supply from your car’s fuel pump. It needs to be fixed if you want to drive your car smoothly. 

Why is the fuel pump making noise but not pumping fuel? You might hear whining or clicking sounds due to a lack of fuel, a bad fuel pump, a faulty fuel pump relay, a clogged fuel filter, and the pump isn’t pumping fuel.

Any issues with the fuel pump are irritating and can destroy your driving experience. And we won’t allow this to happen with your vehicle. So, let’s reach a point where you can quickly fix the issue.

What Causes Fuel Pump Making Noise but Not Pumping Fuel?

Fuel from the fuel pump is delivered to the engine by a variety of components working together. So, when a fuel pump malfunctions, it is vital to check the components related to it. 

Cause 1: Low Fuel on the Fuel Pump 

Let’s be wise. How can a fuel pump fuel the engine without enough fuel?

In most cases, it might happen, and car drivers are unaware of it. The fuel pump might run, which is why you hear noise from it. But, the fuel pump can’t pump the fuel. 

You should never let the fuel pump be empty. Always make sure the fuel pump is filled with enough fuel so the fuel pump can find something to pump. 

Cause 2: Malfunctioning Wiring Harness or Electrical Connection

You’ll find many wiring harnesses that connect the fuel pump to your vehicle’s engine and battery. To ensure the fuel pump functions properly, you need to ensure the fuel pump gets enough electricity to pump fuel to the engine.

Moreover, there must be a smooth electrical connection between the battery and the fuel pump. Lack of electrical power, the fuel pump can’t pump fuel.

In most cases, the wirings connected to the fuel pump might be corroded. There might be water or any liquid in your vehicle’s electronic compartment that weakens the electrical wires.

You might hear whining or buzzing noise if there is any issue with the wiring harness or electrical connections.

The best possible solution to this problem is to fix the electrical connection of the fuel pump. Make sure there is enough electrical voltage to run the fuel pump.

Additionally, check whether the wiring harness becomes loose. Besides, if any wiring harness becomes corroded or damaged, replace it.

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Cause 3: Clogged Fuel Filter

Due to excessive dirt and dust, the fuel filter on your vehicle can often become corroded.

In some cases, the fuel might be severely damaged as well. 

And if this happens, the fuel pump finds difficulty functioning correctly due to a lean fuel condition, and you hear a noise from it. The fuel pump then becomes unable to pump fuel to the engine.

First, you should attempt to clean the clogged fuel filter. If cleaning doesn’t work and the fuel filter is extremely damaged, you need to replace it immediately.

Cause 4: Bad Fuel Pump Relay

Relay of the fuel pump is an essential electrical component located in the engine bay of an internal combustion engine. This electrical part must transfer electricity and help the fuel pump ensure the fuel reaches the engine. 

So, if something is wrong with the fuel pump relay, it may be blown out or rusted, and the fuel pump becomes unable to pump fuel to the engine. 

In this case, the best solution is to replace the bad fuel pump relay. But make sure you check the fuel pump relay correctly before replacing it.

Here you might find this video helpful about how to check the fuel pump relay.

Cause 5: Defective Pressure Regulator

There is a pressure regulator on the fuel pump. This pressure regulator creates enough pressure so the pump can supply the fuel to the engine from the fuel pump. 

But unfortunately, due to the passage of time, the fuel pump pressure regulator might be damaged. So, the fuel pump won’t be able to pump fuel to the engine due to faulty pressure regulators.

You need first to inspect the fuel pump regulator on the fuel pump. If the regulator looks damaged, after checking, you need to replace it. 

Cause 6: Blown Fuel Pump Fuse

Yes, there is a greater possibility that the fuse of the fuel pump of your vehicle is blown or damaged for several reasons.

In most cases, this can happen due to a short electrical circuit. 

And if the fuel pump fuse is blown, the fuel pump will start to malfunction, and it won’t be able to pump fuel to the engine. 

You should replace the blown fuse of the fuel pump. You will most likely find the fuse on your vehicle’s fuse box. If the stripe of the fuse is broken or worn out, this is a sign of a faulty fuel pump fuse. 

Cause 7: Bad Fuel Pump

This is possibly the last thing you should check. Chances are the fuel pump itself can go bad. 

A bad fuel pump can have a variety of causes, ranging from overuse and normal wear and tear to a clogged fuel filter or a damaged or worn-out electrical circuit. 

And we never expect proper fuel pumping from a bad fuel pump.  You must be careful when replacing the fuel pump. 

This is because buying a new fuel pump is costly, and so is the labor cost. In this case, it will be better to check the fuel pump with a professional mechanic.

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Cost to Fix a Fuel Pump Making Noise but Not Pumping Fuel?

If Fuel Pump Making Noise But Not Pumping Fuel?

Depending on what components of the fuel pump are causing the problem, the troubleshooting cost varies. Additionally, if you need to hire a mechanic, you must spend much more than performing the task independently. 

Here, we mention the possible cost you need to carry when fixing the fuel pump issue.

Components Replacement Price
Wiring Harness$15-$45.
Fuel Filter $10-$20.
Fuel Pump Relay $80-$150.
Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator $100-$500.
Fuel Pump Fuse$20-$30.
Fuel Pump$500-$1200.

Additionally, you need to add labor costs if you want to go with the mechanic to fix the issue. For example, it will cost you between $150-$200 for labor costs to replace the fuel pump.  

Besides, the components’ replacement price differs based on your vehicle type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately, this section will serve as a platform for you to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and how to address it. Here we share what people mostly asked about the issue.

How Do I Know if My Fuel Pump Is Bad?

Due to a bad fuel pump, you will have more difficulty starting your vehicle. Frequent power loss and hard acceleration are the most prevalent outcomes of a bad fuel pump. 

Can You Troubleshoot the Bad Fuel Pump on Your Own?

Many blogs and YouTube videos might encourage you to fix the issues with the fuel pump on your own. Unless you have enough knowledge about the fuel pump, let the mechanic do the job. 

How long can the Fuel pump last on your vehicle? 

The fuel pump on your vehicle is supposed to last a long time. Moreover, depending on your vehicle, you might have the proper functioning fuel pump for approximately 1,00,000 miles. 

Can You Drive Your Car With a Bad Fuel pump? 

A bad fuel pump in a car can put you and other drivers at risk, as it increases the probability of an unexpected breakdown. So, focusing on fixing the issue before driving will be better. 

Final Words

You should never take any issues lightly related to the fuel pump on your vehicle. Additionally, you need to be careful about the maintenance of your car so that you can avoid any significant issues with the fuel pump. 

If your fuel chamber is not functioning correctly, it will not be able to deliver the necessary fuel to the engine to start and keep it running. 

So, don’t delay inspecting the issue whenever you feel something is wrong. If you need to replace any parts, be sure about it by a mechanic and replace them as early as possible.

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