How to Deal with Brake Fluid Light On But Fluid Is Full?

You might understand what will happen if your car’s braking system can’t perform as expected. 

Even the slightest of matters can make the scenario worse. Accident! To avoid this, make sure you keep your eyes on the brake light of your car. 

No matter what component causes the issue, you should fix it as early as possible. This article will guide you to discover and solve the issue of your vehicle brake light popping up.

Why Is the Brake Fluid Light On But Fluid Is Full?

There can be multiple reasons behind your vehicle brake fluid light on, but the fluid is full. A faulty brake sensor, worn-out braking pad, or fault in the ABS on your can be the culprit.

Beyond exception, the brake fluid light on your vehicle should come on if there is a low fluid level on the fluid reservoir. If the light is on, but the fluid is full, it may be due to a few different issues. 

How to Deal with Brake Fluid Light On But Fluid Is Full?

Cause 1: Faulty Brake Fluid Reservoir Sensor

Many car owners have claimed that the faulty brake fluid reservoir is the most frequent cause of brake lights on. And there is a valid reason too. The sensor helps your vehicle’s computer system determine the amount of fluid in the reservoir. 

The sensor is located on the brake fluid reservoir cap. If the sensor goes bad (damaged, corroded, dirty), it can detect the exact amount of fluid in the reservoir. And then, even if the reservoir is full of fluid, the brake fluid light comes on.

You should check the sensor of the brake fluid reservoir by removing the cap. If the sensor looks corroded, you should clean it and put it back. If cleaning doesn’t work, you need to replace it. 

Cause 2: Worn-out Wiring or a Fuse Associated with the Brake Fluid Light

You will find a few wiring harnesses associated with the brake fluid light. And, this is nothing surprising that the wiring harness or the fuse might be worn-out or shorted. Due to this, the brake fluid light on your vehicle is supposed to come on, no matter the brake fluid level.

If the brake light is blown on your car or the wiring harness is shorted, replacing the components is better. 

Cause 3: Worn-out Brake Pads

Brake pads are the key elements of a braking system, no matter the type of car. If the brake pads become damaged or worn out, it can negatively impact your vehicle’s braking system. 

And the brake fluid light on your car comes on. Beyond this, issues with the brake pads are dangerous, as you can’t apply the brake on your vehicle. 

In most cases, there is a strong possibility that the brake pads are worn down to some extent. You will discover the brake pads surrounding your car’s brake disc.

Let’s get back to experts’ recommendations. You should replace the worn-out brake pads rather than repair them. One of the core symptoms of worn-out brake pads is brake pedal vibration.

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Cause 4: Engaged Parking Brake

You might haven’t thought in this way. Engaged parking brakes often cause the brake fluid light to come on even if the fluid is bare enough in the reservoir. 

Moreover, the experts only recommend driving a vehicle for a short time to enable the parking brake. Most of the time, if you drive with the parking brake on, doing so can result in major braking damage. 

Simple solution. You should only enable the parking brake when it is badly needed.

Cause 5: Burn-out Brake Light Bulbs

This is where car owners hardly focus, but we want you to do so. There are many brake light bulbs out there in your vehicle. The brake light will turn on even if a single bulb goes bad or becomes burnt out. 

The car’s computer can detect something that is wrong with the braking system.

You should replace the burn-out light bulb. We recommend you call a professional mechanic if you face this issue because it can get very complicated.

Cause 6: Faulty ABS

The ABS can sometimes fail due to a mechanical defect or a fluid leak. When this happens, the brake fluid warning light on your car’s dashboard will turn on. 

It is essential to maintain your car’s ABS and have repairs done as soon as possible to prevent the problem of malfunctions. You might need a mechanic, as the ABS might seem complex. 

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How Do You Avoid Brake Fluid Warning Light Come On but the Fuel Is Full?

Most importantly, you should always be up-to-date whether the fluid level is low. In addition, you should do proper maintenance to keep your vehicle safe from the issue. 

Try to avoid your car roughly. And, when using the brake, make sure you use it wisely. A good driver or car owner should know how to brake so that it can’t heart the entire braking system. 

Last but not least, don’t take any issues related to the braking system ever so lightly. You may never want this to happen if you need to brake, but the brake system is not ready. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

The problem of the brake fluid light might come on even if the brake fluid is full is nothing uncommon. A good number of car owners often experience this issue. And for this, they often ask some questions.

How Often Should You Replace the Brake Fluid on Your Vehicle? 

If you use the same brake fluid for a long time, it might create corrosion. In this case, it’s better to replace the brake fluid after every 4-6 years of use, depending on your vehicle.

What Is the Sign of a Bad Brake Fluid Sensor?

As the brake fluid sensor becomes corroded in most cases, you’ll find corrosion on the fluid brake sensor. Moreover, the sensor will look nasty and terrible when you pull out the fluid reservoir tank and check it.

How Much Does It Cost to Solve Brake Fluid Light Is on but the Fluid Is Full?

The cost depends on what component causes the issue. However, it might cost you anything between $30-$200. You need to spend more money if you hire a mechanic to resolve the issue.

Can You Drive With Brake Fluid Light On?

If you are driving your car and suddenly notice the braking light comes on, you should park your car as soon as possible. As the brake light often indicates braking system malfunctions, it won’t be safe to continue driving your vehicle. 

Final Words

It is recommended to have a professional mechanic inspect the brake system to determine the exact cause of the light and make any necessary repairs. If you know enough about the braking system, don’t take any unnecessary steps. 

Additionally, we recommend you check the brake fluid level regularly. And only then should you take measures to prevent and resolve other issues regarding the brake fluid light on but the fluid being full. 

Poor braking efficiency can result from the brake fluid’s contamination. So, proper maintenance can play a crucial role in avoiding the issue. 

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