What is the Alternative to Nissan CVT Fluid Ns-2? [Explored]

Are you searching for the best alternatives to Nissan CVT fluid NS-2? If yes, you are not alone on the planet. Owners often search for the best replacement of N-2 fluid for their Nissan CVT transmissions.

But wait a minute! Before choosing transmission fluid for your Nissan CVT, you should have a decent idea about the fluid. And that’s the purpose of today’s article, to let you precisely know about fluids. 

What is Nissan CVT Fluid?

The more you can learn about the fluid your vehicle’s transmission needs, the better it is when choosing the correct transmission fluid. Nissan CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission needs fluid that can produce enough lubrication. And that’s why it is recommended to use synthetic oil. 

For this, Nissan CVT owners use NS-2 transmission fluid which is highly known for meeting the smooth operating requirements of Nissan CVT transmission, ensuring consistency in functioning. The core fact regarding the Nissan CVT fluid is it comes with uniquely formulated additives.

Additionally, Nissan CVT NS-2 transmission fluid comes with friction modifications, which stabilize the transmission’s operation.

What Types of Fluid Are Alternatives to Nissan CVT Transmission Fluid?

The alternatives to Nissan CVT NS-2 fluid on the market include Valvoline CVT, Castrol CVT, Lucas CVT, etc, transmission fluids are some examples considered reliable. And your Nissan CVT can perform best with these transmission fluids. 

Randomly choosing any transmission fluid for your Nissan CVT won’t give you any real value. And that’s why experts suggest sticking with Nissan-approved CVT fluid and following the owner’s manual.

But wait a minute! This doesn’t mean you need to use only the Nissan fluid. You can go with other brands for sure. But you must ensure the transmission fluid can replace the recommended transmission fluid for Nissan CVT. 

And here, Valvoline and Castrol can be two of the burning examples which are known to produce better CVT fluid. These oils can produce smooth and seamless shifting.

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What Fluids Are Compatible With the Nissan CVT Transmission?

Many manufacturers produce impressive transmission fluid for Nissan CVT. And if you want to replace the Nissan CVT N-2, you can. So, let’s find some common transmission fluids that are a good alternative to Nissan CVT N-2.

Valvoline CVT Transmission Fluid

When searching for the alternative to Nissan CVT fluid N-2, we cannot but pick the name Valvoline CVT. Like the fluid N-2, this full synthetic oil is impressively designed for continuously variable transmissions. 

This transmission oil can make your transmission run smoother and quieter.


  • Value for money.
  • Ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Designed with advanced technology.


  • Often produces a funky smell.

Castrol CVT Transmission Fluid

Castrol CVT is also designed with modern technology and is quite up to the mark for automatic and CVT transmission. 

You’ll find a combination of premium oils and additives in the Castrol CVT, which can ensure the smooth operation of your transmission system. 

And according to a good number of users, Castrol CVT is one of the prominent replacements of fluid NS-2 for longer transmission life.


  • Impressive in wear protection.
  • Ensures impressive friction durability.
  • Up to the mark when protecting copper corrosion.


  • A bit expensive.

Amsoil CVT Transmission Fluid

One of the core criteria for a good transmission oil is that it should impressively reduce transmission slipping. And in such cases, the Amsoil CVT transmission fluid stands out.

This synthetic CVT transmission fluid can allow metal-to-metal frictional properties, making the transmission higher performing than ever. 

The fluid impressively works against thermal breakdown and can reduce transmission heat on a large scale.


  • Top-notch in terms of wear protection.
  • Made with lab-tested formula.
  • Doesn’t cause health concerns.


  • A bit more pricey. 

Lucas CVT Transmission Fluid

This is a synthetic-multi vehicle transmission fluid Impressive enough for use in Automatic and continuous transmission. 

The unique selling point of this transmission fluid is it meets all the requirements of Nissan CVT transmission.

From smooth shifting to ensuring longer transmission life, this transmission fluid is top-notch, establishing its name as one of the best replacement Nissan NS-2 fluids.


  • Ensures a smoother operation of your transmission.
  • No foam formula.
  • Guards against wear and corrosion.


  • Not good for reducing transmission leaks.

Mobil CVT Transmission Fluid

This particular transmission fluid is suitable for both the push belt and chain belt CVT transmission. 

Similar to another alternative transmission fluid mentioned above, the Mobil CVT transmission fluid also meets the requirements of Nissan CVT transmission.

Besides, the impressive field and laboratory test makes the transmission fluid more efficient.


  • Reliable for rust and corrosion protection.
  • Quite up to the mark when it comes to smooth shifting.
  • Generates enough lubrication.


  • Not fully synthetic. 

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What If You Put the Wrong Transmission Fluid in a Nissan CVT?

This is not only the case for Nissan CVT, but also for other transmissions. You shouldn’t use the wrong transmission oil at any cost if you want to ruin your vehicle’s transmission and bear a costly repair. 

For this, it is always essential to follow the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

But have you ever wondered what the worst things could happen due to using incompatible fluid in transmission? Let’s discover! 

Transmission Overheating

This is a harsh truth. Your vehicle’s transmission is supposed to overheat if you use the wrong transmission fluid. This is because a fluid incompatible with transmission’s requirements can’t play expected roles. 

Transmission Failure

Don’t put your hands on your head. If you use the wrong transmission oil regularly, it can cause extreme transmission failure. 

And, more extreme than this, the failure becomes so acute that a technician can’t fix it. 

And do you know what it means? You need to make a budget to bear a huge expense. Before that, you might face symptoms like slipping gears, a burning smell from the engine, etc.

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Is Nissan NS2 the same as NS3?

No. There is a slight difference between NS2 and NS3 transmission fluid. When choosing the transmission fluid for the Nissan CVT, the two names come to the top. But it won’t be better if you use this transmission fluid interchangeably. Therefore, where exactly is the difference?

Differentiate FactsNissan NS2Nissan NS3
Viscosity Index185182
CompatibilityUsed for older models of NissanUsed for newer models of Nissan.
TemperatureGood for hot weather conditionsSuitable for the winter season.
ColorGreenish in colorBlue in color

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Can I use NS3 instead of NS2?

Yes, you can use NS-3 CVT fluid instead of NS-2 CVT fluid in most Nissan vehicles. NS-3 is a newer and more advanced CVT fluid that is backwards compatible with NS-2. This means that it is safe to use in vehicles that are designed for NS-2 fluid. In fact, NS-3 is actually recommended by Nissan for some newer CVT vehicles.

FAQs Nissan CVT fluid NS-2 Alternative

We were amazed to see how much people wanted to know about the Nissan CVT N-2 transmission fluid replacement. Here, we will answer some of the most asked questions which you might find beneficial.

Can I Mix Other Transmission Oil with Nissan CVT NS-2?

A good number of Nissan CVT owners recommended not to mix other transmission oil with the CVT NS-2. Rather, it is wise to use only a single specialized transmission fluid for Nissan CVT NS-2.

What Color Is NS-2 Transmission Fluid?

The NS-2 transmission fluid is green in color. When you open up the cap of the fluid container, the fluid will look greenish. But if the fluid is contaminated, you will notice a dark greenish look.

Are All CVT Transmission Oils the Same?

No, there is a difference among the CVT transmission fluids. And this simply means you can’t put random fluids into any transmission. In most cases, the fluid you should choose depends on the transmission requirements.  

Can I Use Aftermarket CVT Transmission Fluid?

Yes, there won’t be any issues if you use aftermarket CVT transmission fluid. Why? This is because the aftermarket CVT fluids are still up to the mark. But what you should do is choose the correct fluid for your transmission.

Who makes Nissan ns2 CVT fluid?

The official manufacturer of Nissan NS-2 CVT fluid is Mitasu Oil Corporation, a Japanese company that specializes in developing and producing lubricants for automobiles. Mitasu is a major supplier of CVT fluid to Nissan and other automakers, and its NS-2 fluid is specifically formulated to meet the unique requirements of Nissan CVTs.

Can I use any CVT Fluid in my Nissan?

No, you should not use any CVT fluid in your Nissan unless it is specifically approved by Nissan. Nissan CVTs require a special type of fluid that is designed to protect the unique components of the transmission. Using the wrong type of fluid can damage the CVT and lead to costly repairs.

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