What Transmission Fluid Is Equivalent To Mercon LV?

Mercon LV is the new version of the Mercon fluid which is recommended for the Ford models. But sometimes, in the demand of the situation, there comes a need for the Mercon LV equivalent transmission fluid. This situation makes your search for what transmission fluid is equivalent to Mercon LV. 

To answer you shortly, Dexron VI is equivalent to the Mercon LV. They both are the premium quality type of transmission fluid, having nearly the same specs. Apart from this, there are many more facts that you may be curious about. 

That is why, here we are with this handy guide highlighting all the facts that you are searching for. Keep on reading this short but comprehensive guide to get assurance about alternatives of mercon lv.

What makes Dexron VI Equivalent To Mercon LV?

mercon lv transmission fluid equivalent

Undoubtedly, the motorcraft mercon lv equivalent to the DEXRON®-VI having almost the same specifications. They are at their best providing the better lubrication in the transmissions. 

Dexron VI is licensed & the GM or General Motors has approved Dexron VI identification. Moreover, GM recommends Dexron VI for use in any Ford Mercon LV applications. 

Besides, Mercon LV & Dexron VI are totally back serviceable, and you can use both of them wherever there is a recommendation for Dexron II or Dexron III.

Typical Properties [Equivalency] Of MERCON® LV & DEXRON®-VI

As the Mercon LV & Dexron VI are equivalent, it’s quite a proof that there isn’t much difference between their qualities & specifications. 

Have a look at the below chart to see the similarity between these two transmission fluids. 

SpecificationsMERCON® LVDEXRON®-VI
Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C (60°F)0.8420.83 to 0.86
Flash Point, COC, °C216218
Colour visual Red Red 
Viscosity: cSt @100 °C cSt @ 40 °C 

Viscosity index 155155
Pour Point, °C-48-51

Some Others Motorcraft Mercon Lv Equivalent:

Here are few alternatives of motorcraft mercon lv.

  • Ravenol ATF Mercon LV Fluid
  • Ford Mercon LV Transmission Fluid (Replaces SP)
  • Castrol Transmax DEXRON-VI Mercon LV Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • ACDelco DEXRON-VI/MERCON LV Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Mobil 1 DEXRON-VI/MERCON LV Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Is Mercon LV Equivalent To Mercon V or Mercon SP?

Most of the time, the users become confused about whether the Mercon LV is equivalent to Mercon V or Mercon SP. 

Here we are going to break down the query to see whether they are equivalent or not. 

Mercon LV Vs Mercon V

Mercon LV is a low-Viscosity transmission fluid, whereas Mercon V is a common type of transmission fluid for the Ford models. 

Although Mercon LV & Mercon V both are synthetic types of fluid, they are not equivalent to each other. 

Besides, these two cannot be mixed for their different viscosity. Mercon V is equivalent to Dexron iii, moreover, works for both Type H & Type CJ fluid. 

Mercon LV Vs Mercon SP

Mercon LV and Mercon SP are different types of transmission fluid having the almost same kind of features. Both transmission fluid is used for Ford transmissions. 

However, Mercon SP is recommended to be used for the Ford 6R60 & Ford 6R80 transmissions whereas the Mercon LV is suitable for Ford 6R80 & Ford 6R140 transmissions. But you should not mix them or interchange them.

3 Best Mercon LV Equivalents:

If you are looking for best mercon lv transmission fluid equivalent, then you’re not out of luck. Some potential alternatives can be used instead of the Mercon LV, although they will not serve the same kind of performance & protection. Have a glance. 

1. VaLVoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF 

VaLVoline MaxLife is a multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid that you can use for a wide range of modern, different transmission engines. 

You can also use this as the alternative to Mercon LV & Mercon SP, as they are both synthetic. 

Here is some specification of the Max Life to have a quick review.

SpecificationsVaLVoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF
Specific Gravity @ 60°F0.843 
Viscosity: cSt @100°C cSt @ 40°C
5.91 28.82 
Viscosity index156
Pour Point, °C-48 
Color visual Red

2. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is another potential option instead of the Mercon LV, as it can provide mesmerizing resistance & provides high stability. Besides this ATF can keep your transmission working like new.

Below is the chart highlighting the specifications of Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF. You can also check that out.

SpecificationsMobil 1 Synthetic ATF
Density, g/ml @ 15.6 C0.846
Flash Point, COC, °C200
Viscosity: cSt @100°C cSt @ 40°C
Viscosity index176
Pour Point, °C-51
Color visual Red 

3. Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle ATF 

Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle ATF enhances durability against friction, & provides high-temperature protection. 

Moreover, for shifting gears in the winter seasons, the ATF serves low-temperature fluidity. It can also be used as an alternative to Mercon LV. 

You can have a glimpse at the specifications chart of Castrol Transmax for a better idea.

SpecificationsCastrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle ATF
Specific Gravity @ 60°F0.862
Flash Point, COC, °C208
Viscosity: cSt @100°C cSt @ 40°C
Viscosity index200
Pour Point, °C-48
Color visual Red 

Is Mercon LV the same as dexron?

Mercon LV and Dexron are both types of automatic transmission fluid (ATF). However, they are not the same thing. Mercon LV is a newer and more advanced ATF that is designed for use in modern Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Dexron is an older type of ATF that is used in a variety of General Motors vehicles.

Mercon LV is a low-viscosity ATF that is designed to improve fuel economy and reduce wear and tear on transmission components. It is also more resistant to oxidation and thermal breakdown than Dexron.

Dexron is a higher-viscosity ATF that is designed for use in older GM vehicles. It is not as fuel-efficient or durable as Mercon LV, but it is still a good choice for vehicles that require Dexron ATF.

Is Mercon LV compatible with Dexron 3?

Mercon LV is not fully compatible with Dexron III. Mercon LV is a newer, lower-viscosity ATF that is designed for use in modern Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Dexron III is an older, higher-viscosity ATF that is used in a variety of General Motors vehicles.

While it is possible to mix Mercon LV and Dexron III, it is not recommended. Mixing these two fluids can lead to decreased performance, increased wear and tear on transmission components, and reduced fuel economy.

Difference between Dexron VI and Mercon LV?

Dexron VI and Mercon LV are both high-performance automatic transmission fluids that meet or exceed the latest industry standards. However, there are some key differences between the two fluids.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between Dexron VI and Mercon LV:

CharacteristicDexron VIMercon LV
ManufacturerGeneral MotorsFord and Mazda
TypeFull syntheticFull synthetic
Wear protectionSuperiorGood
Oxidation resistanceExcellentGood
Thermal breakdown resistanceExcellentGood
Temperature toleranceHighHigh
Shear stabilityExcellentGood
Recommended vehiclesMost late-model automatic transmissionsFord and Mazda transmissions

Mercon Lv Transmission fluid Equivalent

Mercon LV transmission fluid is a low-viscosity ATF that is designed for use in modern Ford and Lincoln vehicles. It is also compatible with some Mazda and Volvo vehicles.

There are a number of different brands of Mercon LV compatible ATF fluids available. Some of the most popular brands include:

  • Idemitsu
  • Valvoline
  • Castrol
  • Aisin
  • Mobil
  • Eneos
  • Ravenol

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FAQs About Mercon Lv Alternative

Regarding the transmission fluid, there are some common queries that the users mostly encounter. So, here in this subsection, we are going to cover some of those mostly searched queries. 

Can you use Lucas transmission Fix with Mercon LV?

No, you can’t use Lucas transmission Fix with Mercon LV. It is not compatible, moreover not recommended using in Ford Type F, CVT, MERCON® LV, MERCON® SP & Dexron® VI. 

Is Dexron VI and Mercon LV the same thing?

Dexron VI & Mercon LV are almost equivalent. They are both totally synthetic. Moreover, they were designed to replace previous modifications from ford and gm motors. In one word, Dexron Vi is compatible with Mercon LV in all terms. 

Is Mercon LV the same as DEXRON III?

No, Mercon LV and Dexron III are not the same types of automatic transmission fluid. Dexron III is used for GM engines, whereas the Mercon LV is designed to be used for Ford & Mazda. 

What is the difference between Mercon and Dexron?

The Mercon & Dexron are two types of automatic transmission fluid used in different vehicles, one for the ford engine & the other for the general motor engine respectively. Besides, each transmission has the same physical appearance but has some differences in chemical properties. 

What happens if I put the wrong type of transmission fluid in my car?

By any chance, if you put the wrong type of transmission fluid in your car, it will cause severe damage to your engine, even damage that can’t be repaired. Besides, the parts of the engine will have poor lubrication, causing its defects.

Wrapping Up 

By now, I hope you have not any more confusion left behind about mercon lv transmission fluid equivalent

Having a doubt-free idea of the alternatives or equivalent transmission fluid is quite essential for your vehicles. Because if you use inequivalent fluid or mix the wrong type of fluid for your engine, it will cost severe damage to the vehicle engine. 

Besides, due to wrong fluid, the components of the engines cannot get proper lubrication & face wear & tear. 

Next time, I hope you will have confidence & can be prepared from what you have learned here. Besides, you can also take advice from the owner’s manual of your vehicle, dealership, or from the approved mechanics for the best information.

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