Best Oil For BMW 328i: BMW Recommended Oil Review in 2023

Most car owners face potential confusion regarding the oil for their BMW 328i. And we know there are lots of available options in the market which are still emerging.

But have you ever thought about which is the Best Synthetic Oil for BMW 328i? Seems hard right? 5w-30 synthetic motor oil (OEM oil for our cars) is considered the best oil for BMW 328i.

Interested to know about BMW’s recommended oil? Then don’t go anywhere and remain in touch with this article. You will surely get to see the most updated and long-lasting oil for BMW.

Top 5 BMW Recommended Engine Oils in 2023

#1. Liqui Moly High Tech 5W-40 Engine Oil

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When it comes to the best oil for BMW 328i, Liqui Moly Tech Engine Oil stands on that. It gives a rapid oil delivery with a fine viscosity of 5w40. This particular oil seems to be another face of BMW Longlife-01 oil. So, if you want overall maintenance, this product is all that you need.

Since the viscosity of Liqui Moly oil is 5w40, it is quite obvious that you can use it in high temperatures exclusively. Rather than that, the oil also works great in cold temperatures as well. Hence, in a cold start, this product is preferable for most engine drivers.

So, it is proved that the reliability of Liqui Moly is up to the mark. But that is not enough to know about this product precisely. So let us check some more traits of it.

Main features and Benefits:

Long engine service life

The best part about this oil is the protection and cleaning power. Certainly, any kind of wear and deposits will not touch your engine and keep it clean as much as possible. So, it is inevitable that your engine is going to have a long life with complete ease and convenience.


One thing that bothers most BMW owners is if their car will accept the lubrication of that specific oil or not. But you have good news that Liqui Moly grants compatibility with any conventional oil and assures the performance as well. So, you will have great engine power since the oil mixes gently with other engine oils and does not give barriers to lubrication.

Fuel efficiency

Now saving the fuel of your engine will be easier once you have Liqui Moly High Tech Engine Oil. This product is a fine substitute because of its low emissions and reduced pollutants. Moreover, you will find optimal pressure at all engine speeds within an aging and high shear stability.

Premium quality

It is no secret that we thrive on quality whenever we want to oil our BMW with the best product. Similarly, that expected quality is gainable from Liqui Moly High Tech engine oil. Moreover, the undisputed market leaders voted for this oil because of its seamless additives and other service products.


  • Ingredients: Additives
  • Viscosity: 5w40
  • API SP/SN PLUS/SN: Do not meet
  • BMW 328i owner’s manual: Meets
  • Liquid Volume: 169.05 fluid ounces


  • A good fit for BMW 328i
  • Gives fine performance in almost every temperature
  • The fuel efficiency is up to the mark
  • Reduces pollutants and emissions
  • Has an excellent wear protection


  • Has a frequent separation from additives

#2. Royal Purple SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil- For High Mileage BMW 328i

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Here we have another sizable option for you, which can serve your BMW 328i with utmost care. And if you have twin turbo engines, you can give them a try with this oil since it adapts simply with almost all vehicles. Also, its enhanced additive technology is remarkable.

This sort of chemistry helps in reducing the low speed pre-ignition. It is true that such complexes are inevitable in today’s turbocharged gasoline engines. But that stress will disappear eventually after you start using Royal Purple’s engine oil.

What else inside this product is its better wear protection. Most of the time we see that our engine parts get metal-to-metal contacts. But that will not be the case here since this oil has advanced technology. Now, let us have a look at more features below.

Main features and Benefits:

Increased fuel efficiency

Here, you will get an optimized fuel efficiency since the low coefficient friction of this oil results the best. Furthermore, Royal Purple’s 5w30 oil meets all the fuel economy requirements and rather provides exclusive performance to the vehicles.

Superior corrosion protection

Till now, none of the consumers found any problems regarding rusts and corrosions after they started using this product.

Improved compatibility with fuel containing ethanol

Are you facing the problems of white sludges in your engine? Then I will say no other oil can be better for you than Royal Purple’s oil. The problem doesn’t end here. We also get to see lubrication starvation in our engines which is a big threat to the performance of vehicles.

But, for the satisfaction of the consumers, this oil is highly compatible with gasoline ethanols and protects the engine in the long run.

Better protection for vehicle exhaust emissions equipment

There are some polar additives that usually attach to the surfaces of frictional metals. And then, they confine with a chemical reaction to the metal surfaces in times of their contraction which effects the lubrication.

In this way, Royal Purple 5w30 maintains that lubrication and makes sure that the engine parts get firm protection for vehicle exhaust.

GM dexos1® Gen 2

GM dexos1® Gen 2 rating indicates the maximum level of fuel efficiency. So, it’s nonetheless evident that you are going to have subtle fuel efficiency in your engine. Since the mileage is very important, this oil does it all to cover that and uplifts the performance of vehicles.


  • Ingredients: Additive technology
  • Viscosity: 5w30
  • API SP/SN PLUS: Meets
  • GM dexos1® Gen 2*: Meets
  • Liquid Volume: 160 Fluid Ounces


  • Simply adapts with almost all vehicles
  • Reduces the low speed pre ignition
  • Keeps away the engine from wears and deposits
  • The low coefficient friction results in increased fuel efficiency
  • Removes white sludges and lubrication starvation from engine parts


  • Is prone to additives precipitation in cold storage

#3. 7 X BMW Genuine Engine Oil

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7 X BMW Genuine Engine Oil meets the original BMW L01 oil requirement with its smooth lubrication. And we all know, less viscosity oil is a preferable option for summer. So why not think of buying a 5w30 oil to support your BMW with the finest quality?

On that note, 7 X BMW Genuine Engine Oil can be your best friend as it is one of the best BMW oils you can have.

Usually, when the engine stops, the oil inside the circulating stops as well. And when the engine starts to warm, the oil circulates again which takes a specific time.

In the meanwhile, the engine attracts certain wear of about 75% and the smart compounds stick to the engine parts firmly.

However, that problem will not exist in your engine if you have 7 X BMW Genuine Engine Oil with you. Since the oil provides crucial wear resistance, your vehicle is going to have a smooth run for a long time.

Main features and Benefits:

Sludge protection

There is no way out except for choosing synthetic oil if your engine is suffering from white sludges. Especially the compounds added to the synthetic oils are so powerful that they remove the sludges from engines categorically.

And the 7 X BMW oil is the real hero of it. It has super cleaning power and ensures a clearer engine by removing the sludges solidly.

Low viscosity

It is no secret that fuel efficiency is rare nowadays in most engine oils. In that regard, nothing can help you out except for a low viscosity engine oil. And it is quite apparent that 7 X BMW engine oil has low viscosity of 5w30.

As a result, fuel efficiency is also relevant here. Moreover, you will get a fast start-up from this oil as you will be getting low temperature protection in your engine.

Extended Drain Interval

For a smoother engine part movement, this product is overall splendid. Along with that feature, it also ensures an extended drain interval by fighting the frictions and preventing oil leaks.

Oxidation resistant

7 X BMW oil gains the ability to be oxidation resistant. There are some antioxidant properties that come with this product to prevent breakdown. Hence, it is sure that you are going to have easy usage and longevity as well.

Heat protection

Most of the time, our engines heat up and become subject to deterioration. But don’t worry, because 7 X BMW oil will hold you back on that. It cools down the engine and makes sure the temperature of your vehicle remains in control.


  • Ingredients: Synthetic
  • Viscosity: 5w30
  • API SP/SN: Does not meet
  • WSS-M2C960-A1: Meets


  • Meets the original BMW L01 oil requirement with its smooth lubrication
  • Provides a crucial wear resistance to vehicles
  • Ensures a clearer engine by removing the sludges solidly
  • Has an improved fuel efficiency
  • Gives an extended drain interval by fighting the frictions and preventing the oil leaks


  • The price is high

#4. Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30

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What makes the Mobil 1 an exceptional oil is its proprietary blend. You can enjoy your ride freely on a long route since the oil will keep protecting your engine for up to 20,000 miles. If your engine is of high mileage, then no other oil can serve you as fine as Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

There is a specific amount of synthetic molecules in this oil that plays a great role in reducing friction. But this is not where it ends. You will also get good preventive steps against sludges and deposits.

Also, the advanced technology of this oil gives a remarkable contribution to protect the internal heat of engines.

Main features and Benefits:


The best part about Mobil 1 synthetic oil is it meets the ILSAC GF-6 standards. Conquering those criteria, this oil provides greatly in timing chain wear protection and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

Along with that, the oil holds all the capabilities to keep the engines clearer so that no grudges can affect the performance. And an improved fuel efficiency appears to be the essence of this product.

Extended engine life

We know that Mobil 1 is reliable enough to prevent sludge buildups and damaging deposits. So, there is no doubt that your engine can last long if it gets good lubrication of this oil.

Internal heat protection

It is quite inevitable that our engines get a bad effect due to warming up. And also the permanent solutions for it are hard to find. But there is nothing to worry about if you have your Mobil 1 synthetic oil with you.

Even if your engine is more than 500 degrees F or less than -30 degrees F, this oil is going to maintain the temperature. Hence, the oil carries all the responsibilities to keep your engine and vehicle up to the mark.


  • Ingredients: Full synthetic
  • Viscosity: 5w30
  • ILSAC GF-6: Meets


  • Enough reliable to prevent sludge
  • Protects the internal engine heat
  • Assures an extended life of engines
  • Has an improved fuel efficiency


  • Often ships without good packing

#5. Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 5W40 Motor Oil

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According to a lot of consumers, there is no better oil than Liqui Moly. These appreciations are not a coincidence, of course. Which means this brand serves leading features that we all thrive for in engine oil.

Seeing the viscosity number of this oil, you must have understood that it holds a low viscosity which is perfect for lubrication.

Moreover, the high shear stability of Liqui Moly oil gives a resisting power to the engine. That means the tearing, breaking, sludge buildups, deposit formations will not take place in your engine. Therefore, you can have improved productivity and fuel efficiency from this product.

Main features and Benefits:

Extended service life

We can see numerous oil leaks and frictions in our engine parts. And it is very important to choose an oil which meets all the essential qualities. These traits are completely worthwhile from Liqui Moly’s engine oil. This product not only stops the breakdown but also enhances the life of the engine.

High performance

Now get ready for a year-round use of Liqui Moly 5w40 engine oil. This product is an effective substitute to minimize the frictions and contracts of engine parts.

Not only that, you are also going to have a high performance of your vehicle. Since the oil consumes low viscosity and shear stability, it can provide a high level of performance to any vehicle.


  • Ingredients: Additives
  • Viscosity: 5w40
  • API SP/SN PLUS/SN: Does not meet
  • Liquid Volume: 169.05 Fluid Ounces


  • Its low viscosity is perfect for lubrication
  • Gives a resisting power to engine
  • Prevents oil leaks and frictions
  • Removes sludges and deposits from engines
  • Enhances the life of vehicles


  • Performance is less during high temperatures

BMW 328i Oil Type by Year

2013 BMW 328i Oil Type

Engine oil

  • Viscosity: 0w30
  • Capacity: 5.3 quarts
  • Torque: M12x1.5 – 6 ft/lbs (Replace Oil Drain Plug)

Oil filter

  • AMSOIL Oil Filter
  • MANN-FILTERS Oil Filters

2012 BMW 328i Oil Type

  • Viscosity: 5w40
  • Capacity: 1 to 5 quarts

Engine Oil

  • Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40
  • Castrol Edge Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40
  • Castrol Edge Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40

2011 BMW 328i Oil Type

  • Viscosity: 5w30, 0w30
  • Capacity: 6.9 quarts
  • M12x1.5 – 19 ft/lbs (Replace Drain Plug Seal)

Engine Oil

  • SAE 5W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil
  • SAE 0W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil

2010 BMW 328i Oil Type

  • Viscosity: 5w30, 0w30
  • Capacity: 6.9 quarts
  • Torque: (Oil Drain Plug)
  • M12x1.5 – 19 ft/lbs
  • M18x1.5 – 26 ft/lbs
  • M22x1.5 – 45 ft/lbs

Engine Oil

  • SAE 5W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil
  • SAE 0W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil

2009 BMW 328i Oil Type

The engine oil that the 2009 BMW 328i uses is safe 5w-30.

2008 BMW 328i Oil Type

The type of oil that the 2008 BMW 328i uses is SAE 5w-30 full synthetic.


Hopefully, you got your best oil for BMW 328i from the above-given items. There is no doubt that each of them is industry leading product and gains the best features. However, all that matters is the convenience of your car. And also noticing that the oil you choose matches your requirements or not.

Now the question is how to minimize the options of the oils. To give you a little more hint, I will suggest you give a second thought on Liqui Moly High Tech 5w40 and Mobil 1 5w30. These two brands are not only expanding efficiently but also providing excellent service to their consumers.

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