Mobil 1 Vs Mobil Super: Know Which one is Best for You?

Mobil offers a wide range of engine oils, and both Mobil Super and Mobil 1 are popular types among all. 

Mobil 1 Vs Mobil Super: How do they differ, and which motor oil is better for your vehicle? Basically, they are both excellent synthetic oils in their specific fields. Fully synthetic oils prevent the engine from wear, tear, & deposits. 

Even though these two oils share some similarities, they have other differences as well. Due to the similar viscosities, Mobil 1 and Mobil Super differ almost insignificantly. Under extreme conditions, Mobil 1 has proven its performance.

In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between the two types of oil, as well as how they perform in cars and trucks. Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Mobil 1 Vs Mobil Super: Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison table of mobil super vs mobil 1 that shows the best uses for each oil. Additionally, you can find out the viscosity, ingredient composition, and flash point of both oils.

Mobil 1 Vs Mobil Super
Mobil 1 Mobil Super
The viscosity is 5w30The viscosity is 5w30
The density is 0.852The density is 0.87-0.89
Coverage mileage 10,000 milesCoverage mileage 75,000 or above
Suitable for Acura/Honda HTO-06, GEN2 Licensed, GM dexos1Suitable for cars with high mileage, such as Toyotas, Hyundais, and Mitsubishis.
Protection from overall wear & lubricationProtects against sludge & wears well
A high mileage Mobil 1 meets the ILSAC GF-6 standardsAchieved API SN/Resource Conservation certification
Recommendations for high output turbocharged engines, light cars, vans, & trucksRecommendations for gas-powered vehicles, passenger cars, turbocharged engines, SUVs, light vans, & trucks etc
Customer feedback overall is 88%Customer feedback overall is 70%

Mobil 1 Oil Overview

In the automotive industry, Mobile 1 is a well-known and trusted brand with over a century of history.

The entirely synthetic formula of Mobil1s makes it unbeatable against sludge. As a result, you would not have any problems with deposits. Using this product would extend the lifespan of your engine.

According to its name, Mobil 1 high performance synthetic oil extends the time between oil changes. Until you need to refill a vehicle’s fuel tank, you can drive for more than 10,000 miles.

Fortunately, fuel economy will increase. You’ll love saving money on fuel when you use this engine oil. Nothing will disappoint you.

Mobil Super Oil Overview

Mobil Super high mileage 5w30 features a blend of traditional & synthetic oils. In various conditions and temperatures, Mobil Super improves viscosity, even at low temperatures.

In addition, sealing sealant is included to help prevent leaks and reduce diesel consumption.  The product is designed to extend the engine’s life longer than 75,000 miles easily. 

A Mobil Super offers excellent breakdown tolerance, long-term protection, and viscosity preservation at high temperatures. Using performance additives, it prevents rust, sludge, and corrosion in engines. The use of gasoline-powered engines, including turbochargers, is highly recommended in passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial vehicles as well.

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Differences Between Mobil 1 Vs Mobil Super: Detailed Comparison

Aside from using new additives and base oils, Mobil 1 provides superior protection compared to Mobil Super. In order to prolong the engine’s life, Mobil Super is extended. As a result, the vehicle is protected from sludge. Well, discover them in-details below.

Full Synthetic Blend

The benefits of using synthetic motor oil far outweigh those of conventional motor oil. It offers better fuel economy, greater stability, and enhanced temperature stability as well. 

Generally, synthetic oil protects from wear & deposits, and offers better friction in extreme weather conditions.

Synthetic Mobil 1 oil combines best-in-class oils with additives for maximum performance. Additionally, Mobil 1 does not contain toxins that can damage the engine’s optimal performance.

As well as being fully synthetic, Mobil super oil has a high mileage rating. This oil is designed for vehicles that need to move up from conventional and synthetic motor oils. Compared to other traditional oils, Mobil Super extends engine life & provides 1.5X more protection.

Engine Performance

Impurities, friction, and heat are the 3 main causes of engine stress, but all can be prevented with Mobil 1. Basically, it is totally synthetic engine oil that can safeguard your vehicle’s engine. 

Mobil 1 is a premium quality motor oil that is 100% synthetic and is guaranteed to provide long-lasting anti-wear protection.

Additionally, Mobil Super motor oil is suitable for most naturally aspirated, turbocharged, as well as supercharged automobiles. To ensure that your engine continues to perform smoothly, its protection must be adequate. 

When driving in challenging conditions, Mobil 1 oil provides excellent resistance to high temperatures.

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Engine Wear & Resistance

An anti-wear additive’s primary function is to reduce wear and friction due to metal-to-metal collisions. In a concentrated manner, these oils surround metal components with an extra oil layer.

When it comes to preventing wear, Mobil 1 loses out to its competitor. The concentrations of molybdenum are the highest, but Mobil Super also contains higher levels of other antiwear compounds. 

Moreover, both are featured an anti-wear titanium component, allowing to significantly reduce wear.

Mobil 1 vs Mobil Super: Engine Cleaning

During combustion, wear & tear are often created. However, fully synthetic oils such as Mobil 1 and Mobil Super can be used to maintain the vehicle. In addition to its cleaning engine, it has other key components. 

Both Mobil Super and Mobil 1 synthetic oils remove dirt, sludge, & other impurities from engines. Using them won’t result in engine deposits clogging up. They are cleaned so effectively that you needn’t worry about them.


Mobil 1 fuel economy tested it higher in density, which indicates that it will achieve superior kinematic viscosity because of its density. Fuel economy holds an advantage in temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, a position it still holds at 100 degrees Celsius. 

Accordingly, Mobil Super offers the following viscosities: 5W-40, 5W-30, 0W-30, and 0W-20. Even though its viscosity is 5 during the winter, it can reach 30 or 40 in the summer, based on the oil type you use.

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Oil Changing Frequency

Oil itself plays the most important role in recovering the engine’s maximum lubrication capacity. Using just one dosage, a motor can run longer due to improved burn-off resistance and flaw repair.

A Mobil super that has traveled more than 75,000 miles may need to be lubricated. The product acts invisibly within worn engines, protecting them from further damage. After installation, it will last for approximately 10,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

According to Mobil 1, its engine protection lasts for over 15000 miles. As a result, you may relax for a moment while the oil is being consumed by the engines. In comparison with Mobil 1, Mobil super provides greater oil change efficiency.

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Mobil 1 vs Mobil Super: Which One Is Right For Your Car?

Which one is the most effective engine oil between Mobil super vs Mobil 1? Basically, Mobil 1 fully synthetic oils have the latest additives & base oils for outstanding lubricity, performance, and protection.

Regardless, some drivers believe Mobil Super provides too many positive adjectives, such as “an integral part of everyday life.” Further, Mobil-1 is denser than Mobil Super if you compare both viscosities.

However, the final decision is entirely up to you. Depending on your requirements, you should choose the right one. This article should be sufficient to answer all your desired questions.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the comparison of mobil super vs mobil 1 and which one is best for you.

Is Mobil Super Oil Good?

Apparently, Mobil super is the best engine oil you have ever tasted, according to the company’s website. Furthermore, they claim that Mobil Super protects engine walls, improves engine oil durability, as well as increases fuel economy.

Does Mobil 1 mix well with Mobil Super?

Yes. Motor oil made from Mobil 1 and Mobil Super can be mixed together. A Mobil 1 should be mixed with non-synthetic motor oils, semi-synthetic oil, & other synthetic oil, if needed. By diluting Mobil 1, its superior performance will be decreased.

Is Mobil 1 a good synthetic oil?

The Mobil 1 is fully synthetic oil from the NASCAR-approved brand, and is intended for long-term use. Mobil 1 claims that it’s the best synthetic oil due to its ability to protect critical engine components for over 1 year, or possibly 20,000 miles, whatever comes first.

How long does Mobil 1 and Mobil Super oil last?

To ensure superior protection & performance, Mobil 1 motor oils guarantee a minimum of 10,000 miles of oil change interval to a maximum of 15,000 miles. Mobil Super oils guarantee between 5,000 and 7,500 miles which provide excellent protection against wear and tear. 

The Final Decision

Whichever parameter you use to compare Mobil 1 Vs Mobil super, there’s no doubt they’re 2 of the best motor oils available.

Generally, Mobil 1 is the best choice if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting vehicle, regardless of the vehicle’s age or condition. In contrast, using Mobil Super will help your vehicle’s engine stay in top condition and provide high performance.

Finally, there is no single brand that can solve every issue. Therefore, before choosing Mobil super or Mobil 1, you need to determine what you are seeking.

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