5 Best Transmission Fluid For 4l60e Review & Guide 2023

From General Motors, the 4L60E is one of the most popular automatic transmissions. Transmissions like this one are designed to be used for long distances. Therefore, it is important to use transmission fluid of the highest quality to ensure a smoother ride.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 best transmission fluid for 4l60e that offer reliable gear shifting, wear and corrosion protection, and excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

The best Fluid type on 4L60E is any high-quality Dexron 3 or Dexron 6, good for preventing high temp transmission oil.

In addition to providing excellent performance, these features will also improve your driving experience in general.

Top 5 Best Transmission Fluid for 4L60E in 2023

Here are the list of 5 best trans fluid for 4l60e type that you use in your vehicle.

1. Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Highlighted Features:

  • Features Advanced Additive Technology
  • Give the transmission an Anti-Shudder Protection
  • Comes with Anti-Wear Technology
  • Keeps the transmission protection from temperature, both low and high.
  • DEXRON – III specifications met MERCON specifications met.
  • Approves the requirements from Ford M2C138-CJ, M2C166-H, Allison C-4, TES-389, and Caterpillar TO-2.

Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid Review

A special blend of premium base stocks and high-tech additives, the Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid is a high performer. Valvoline has designed this oil in such a way that this can satisfy all your 4L60E transmission’s challenging demands. From smoothing shifting to wear as well as heat protection, this oil guarantees you excellence. Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) is the best transmission fluid for ford.

Electronic or hydraulic controlled transmission, this transmission fluid is set to help both of them, thanks to its fluidity in low temperatures. Besides, this features an anti-shudder to ensure all those transmissions you do with your 4L60E, are clean as a whistle. Additionally, you will be fully satisfied with the power this transfers.

Main Features and Benefits to Use:

Advanced Additive Technology: This oil is a combination between base stock and additives. However, Valvoline did not go or any conventional additives this time. Rather, they comprised the oil with advanced additive technology. This additive gives the oils some additional features that will help your 4L60E transmission to survive, even in the most demanding situations.

The additive technology is meant to ensure your transmission has enough detergent compounds in order to decrease the chance of deposits. Also, the antioxidant capabilities stop the oil from breaking down. 

Anti-Shudder Protection: Shudders are one of the enemies of a transmission, especially for 4L60E. However, this oil does an exceptional job to protect the transmission from that occurrence.  This fluid is less prone to get dirty, leaving a cleaner fluid to keep the transmission going strong, of course without the intervals of unnecessary shudders. Less shudder, smoother transmission, better experience, and maximum power.

Anti-Wear Technology: This fluid keeps your 4L60E transmission parts well lubricated. This way, the possibilities of wear and tear of the parts become minimal and the durability becomes maximum. As your car’s transmission will experience much less friction, it will get less damage. This way, your transmission will survive longer.

DEXRON – III Specified: As this fluid meets the standards of the Generation Motor as well as Ford transmission specification, this fluid is Dexron-III. These features ensure this fluid is ready to take on any of today’s smaller-sized engines. From higher temperatures to lower, the running won’t stop with the electronic control. Also, this specification assures your transmission a safe journey from the unwelcomed occurrences; wear, heat and deposits.

MERCON Specified: A technical specification created by Ford, the MERCON specified fluids are highly regarded in the community. Therefore, not only with the 4L60E, but this fluid will also work excellently with other types of transmissions. The fluids with these specifications have the ability to provide excellent power to the transmission. The Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) is no exception as this provides the same. You will be stunned by the increase in the ability of your electronically controlled auto transmission, after using this fluid.


Ford M2C138-CJApproves
Allison C-4Approves
Caterpillar TO-2Approves


  • Offers a good deal for the price. With this much benefit, within this price range, you will have a hard time finding another good fluid like this.
  • Will keep your 4L60E transmission safe. Using this fluid will surely enhance the life hood of your transmission by a couple of years.
  • Comes with advanced additive technologies to ensure better performance, even in the most challenging situations. No matter how extreme the condition is, your transmission won’t fail to charge the gear.
  • You will experience a smoother gear changing with your 4L60E, thanks to its anti-shudder properties. Shudders will be less likely to occur after using this oil.
  • Comes with MERCON and DEXRON – III specification, which lets you able to use this fluid with these types of transmissions.


  • Bottle has a tendency to get leaked easily. Use this oil with extra care if you don’t want to end up in rather messy situations.


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Highlighted Features:

  • Great for older vehicles, especially for Ford and GM models.
  • Provides enhanced durability against friction
  • Can be used as power steering fluid; MERCON Requirements needed.
  • Meets the standards of MERCON
  • Meets the standards of DEXRON, DEXRON – II, DEXRON – III & DEXRON – IIE

Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF Review

A specially designed fluid for old General Motor engines, the Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF is an excellent choice. This fluid has the ability to enhance the strength to fight against friction by a couple of notches. Besides smoother transmission with your 4L60E, this oil is one of the best you can find in the market. Castrol is the best fluid for 4l60e transmission.

This oil provides enhanced protection against wear as well as corrosion to the Planetary Gear sets. For this reason, your gear set will serve much longer. Additionally, all of the most important parts of the transmission will be well lubricated so that the possibilities of friction become minimal.

Main Features and Benefits to Use:

Ideal for Older Vehicles: This fluid oil is excellent when it comes to older transmissions. If you have any of the models from Ford’s 1983-1996 range, I can’t help but suggest you this oil too. 

What if you don’t own a ford? Well, no worries if you have any from General Motors. Any of the models from 2005 to earlier, will give you the optimal performance.

Enhanced Friction Durability: When it comes to minimizing friction, this oil is top class. Smooth-shifting to high-performance results, this oil has its own set of standards.

If having a damaged vehicle was your nightmare before, it’s time to forget all the hassles. Why? Because this time your 4L60E transmission is going to survive much longer.

Power Steering: Another convenient feature of this fluid is serving as a power steering fluid. However, your vehicle needs to meet the MERCON requirements for that.

If your vehicle meets the demand, this fluid oil can serve both as a transmission fluid as well as power steering fluid. Now, isn’t that convenient? No need to buy another pack of power steering fluids as this can serve you the purpose of both.

Meets MERCON Requirements: This is another fluid on this list that exceeds the standard of MERCON. Why this is important?

Because this is a set of specifications that ensure your fluid has excellent power capabilities to ensure high power to your 4L60E. Have no second thoughts with the power, as this fluid is full of that.

Meets DEXRON – III Requirements: This oil also exceeds the requirements for the DEXRON – III standards. Not just that, this is fluid is also meets DEXRON, DEXRON – II, III, and IIE requirements.

Such standards ensure this oil has great capabilities to provide perfect automatic functioning.

This oil blends it special additives which will provide exceptional conveniences which you would never want to ignore.

Additionally, this standard also ensures, this oil will provide enhanced lubrication, even at very low temperatures.

Furthermore, the viscosity remains stable and oxidation is highly controlled. Additionally, keeps the transmission parts safe from friction as well as possible wear and corrosion.


CapabilityMulti-Vehicle (Ideal for Older Vehicles)
Transmission StyleAutomatic
DEXRON – IIApproves
DEXRON – IIIApproves
DEXRON – IIEApproves


  • A recommended fluid for all the 2005 and earlier GM Automatic Transmission systems. Use this fluid with your older vehicle and experience the magic.
  • Lots of frictions can be lessened by using this fluid. This fluid will lubricate your 4L60E transmission parts quite well, thus enhancing longevity.
  • This fluid ensures smooth gear shifting. You will experience very less shudder and more controlled shifting actions.
  • If you have any Ford model from the range of 1983 to 1996, this oil can be an ideal transmission fluid for your 4L60E gear set.
  • No need to buy additional power steering fluid if you have a MERCON specified system. This can serve both.


  • Not compatible with MERCON V, MERCON SP or MERCON LV requirements. If you need any within this criteria, better look for other options on this list.

3. Motul 105776 DEXRON III

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Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with Technosynthese Technology
  • Very versatile; can be used for a wide range of purposes
  • Provides excellent fluidity in lower temperature
  • Provides enhanced oxidation resistance
  • Keeps the transmission safe from wear and corrosion.
  • Meets the standards of MERCON
  • Meets the standards of DEXRON III G

Regardless of the system used, DEXRON or MERCON, Motul’s 105776 DEXRON III works great for all of them. This fluid is very versatile, and that is defined by the range of purposes it can be used for, from automatic transmissions to boat reversing gears. Besides, not just in the normal temperature, this oil performs excellently, even in lower temperatures.

Being resistant to oxidation, this fluid is set to stay strong from any oil breakdown. Moreover, even in very high temperatures, the stability is meant to remain robust. Additionally, this fluid is filled with components that can aid your 4L60E transmission to remain wear, corrosion, and foam-free.

Main Features and Benefits to Use:

Technosynthese Technology: This technology is a mix of synthetic and mineral base oils. With its low price, the oil has a great deal of power, which makes it highly competitive on the market. The Motul 105776 DEXRON III is no exception. Without the need for spending a lot of money, you will be in the full convenience of maximum performance with your 4L60E.

Versatile: One thing you will notice right from the first that how versatile this fluid is. You can use this fluid for not just transmission, but also for a wide range of actions. This can be used torque converters, boat reversing gears as well as hydrostatic transmission.

Not just that, but also for power steering fluid, this can be used. This oil is like a solution to a lot of problems.

Better Fluidity in low Temperature: Low temperatures are not quite friendly to the oils. They tend to increase the viscosity of the oil; making them less fluid. However, this is not the case here, as this oil remains perfectly fluid even when the temperature is very low.

Even in the cold winter morning, where the temperature is in the minus levels, this fluid will ensure smoother gear shifting.

Oxidation Resistance: Oxygen can oxidize oils and force them for a breakdown. More and more sludge is made from this chemical phenomenon. However, this fluid consists of anti-oxidation detergents which can help you to stop that process and ensure cleaner transmission of your 4L60E automatic transmission.

 Anti – Wear & Anti – Corrosion: This oil is meant to keep your transmission part lubricated and this does its job perfectly. All your critical and delicate parts of your gear set experience very little friction, thus less wear will happen.

Also, the compounds of the oil will keep corrosion as well as rust away, keeping your transmission running for longer years.

CapabilityMulti-Vehicle (Ideal for Older Vehicles)
ApplicationTransmission Lubricant
Oil TypeSynthetic
Man 339 TYP Z1 & V1Approves
MV-Approval 236.5 & 236.9Approves
ZF TE-ML – 03D / 04D / 14A / 17CApproves
VOITH 55.6335.32 (G607)Approves
Caterpillar To-2Approves


  • This oil is extremely versatile. This way it can save you time and money as for a wide range of purposes, you can use this oil.
  • It provides excellent friction resistance, thus keeping your 4L60E automatic gear set wear and tear-free. You don’t need to worry about your transmission anymore.
  • Even in winter, the shifting is as smooth as butter. You won’t notice any hiccups while shifting the gears.
  • Performance is ensured at a lower price, and you will find it hard to ignore such convenience.
  • Oil is less prone to breakdown due to its excellent oxidation resistance. Your transmission system will perform better while remaining cleaner.


  • Motul products come with numbers which can be quite tricky to notice. If you order the wrong number, you may end up with the wrong product. So caution should be maintained during placing an order.

4.ACDelco 10-9243 Dexron VI Transmission Fluid

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Highlighted Features:

  • Full synthetic oil
  • Provides excellent timely shifting
  • Licensed by General Motors
  • Offer enhanced performance
  • Ensures frictional durability
  • Meets the specifications of DEXRON-VI, DEXRON-II(E) & DEXRON III

Test for the most meticulous standards, The ACDelco GM Original Equipment 10-9243 Dexron VI Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is supported by General Motor. This oil’s components are designed in a way that is can offer great lubrication, enhances viscosity stability as well as foaming control. Furthermore, no matter how extreme the condition is, shifting of your 4L60E transmission will not fail with this oil.

To keep the transmission running for a longer period, this fluid is engineered to do that. Plus, performance is never compromised. Besides, this can be an upgrade for your older transmission compared to other fluids.

Main Features and Benefits to Use:

Improved Performance: From the start of using this oil, you will notice the performance difference of this oil. Improvements will be very apparent as benefits will be more prone to experience. You will notice greater stability in the viscosity of the oil, no matter how hot or how cold the temperature is. Additionally, foam control will be ensured as well.

Friction Durability: Your 4L60E transmission parts will remain safe, thanks to the lubrication of this oil. As this oil will ensure that the parts are well lubricated, the chance of friction becomes very low and therefore, transmission wear will decrease. Your gear set will remain healthy for a longer period of time.

Licensed & Approved by General Motors: This oil is licensed by GM and therefore you can use this in a wide range of GM vehicles. As a matter of fact, this fluid should be used with any 2006 vehicle. From Chevrolet to Cadillac, this fluid is designed to ensure maximum performance.


CapabilityMulti-Vehicle (Ideal for Older Vehicles)
Oil TypeFull Synthetic
LicenseGeneral Motors


  • This oil is approved as well as licensed by General Motors. So using this oil with your GM vehicle will ensure you maximum performance as well as benefits. A great product to use with 4L60E transmissions.
  • This ensures timely shifting. No lag or shudder in the shifting will be experienced while using this fluid for your transmission.
  • Can withstand high road racing scenarios quite easily. If you’re the one to bring the heat of the road, this fluid is not made to fail.


5. Triax Multi-Purpose ATF DEX III/MERC Transmission Fluid

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Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with SureShift Technology
  • Oil remains fluid even in very low temperature
  • Contain advanced additives
  • Keeps the gear set protected from wear and tear
  • Meets the standards of Dexron II, Dexron IIE, Dexron IIIH, Dexron IIIG, Dexron IIE
  • Approved for Allison Transmission Division (C-4)

With excellent shifting and no foaming, Triax Multi-Purpose ATF DEX III/MERC Transmission Fluid is an ideal choice. To protect gear and to stop scuffing, this oil comes with additive systems. For this reason, a smoother shifting of gear with your 4L60E is ensured.

Besides, this fluid has good capabilities to perform well even in low operating temperatures. Additionally, this oil saves the rubber seal of your transmission, furthermore, this creates yellow metal protection so that your brass, as well as copper components, remain safe.

Main Features and Benefits to Use:

SureShift Technology: This oil comes with a much convenient technology, known as SureShift. Due to the components of this oil, the parts of your transmission will remain well lubricated. Therefore, you will be experiencing a smoother and cleaner shifting mechanism. Even while carrying heavier loads on your truck, shifting will be not a problem for you.

Low-Temperature Fluidity: Even at a very low temperature, the oil remains very fluid. Therefore, shifting in such weather conditions will not cause you trouble. If you’ve ever experienced such incidents where the transmission fluid’s viscosity has changed due to the temperature, you know how risky that can be. Well, be happy to learn that this fluid will not change its viscosity.

Advanced Additives: Within the compounds of this oil, advanced additives are mixed to give additional benefits. This will prevent any of the scuffings as well as protect your gear from wear and tear. This also ensures the gear to be more responsive and controlled.


CapabilityMulti-Vehicle (Ideal for Older Vehicles)
Oil TypeMulti-Purpose
Dexron IIApproves
Dexron IIEApproves
Dexron IIIHApproves
Dexron IIIGApproves
Allison Transmission Division (C-4)Approves


  • An extended range of frictional stability is ensured with this fluid oil. Your 4L60E transmission will experience zero to minimal amount of friction while using this oil.
  • The chances of transmission slippage are lessened greatly. Even if you carry the higher load, you will not have problems with shifting gears.
  • Good value for money. This costs much cheaper than most other renowned ones while serving a similar level of convenience.


  • Doesn’t meet MERCON standards. Despite that, this oil can be used with Ford trucks with enhanced benefits.

So as you see here I provide the list of 5 best transmission fluid for 4l60e with their features, pros and cons. So select the best 4l60e fluid type according to your need.

When To Change Transmission Fluid For 4L60E?

The frequency of transmission fluid changes for a 4L60E transmission depends on several factors, including the vehicle’s usage and driving conditions. However, under normal driving conditions, the transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. If you use your vehicle for towing or off-road driving, you may need to change the transmission fluid more frequently.

Benefits Of Using Transmission Fluid For 4L60E

Using the correct transmission fluid for your 4L60E is crucial for maintaining its optimal performance and longevity.

Here are the key benefits of using the right transmission fluid for your 4L60E:

  1. Smoother Gear Shifts
  2. Improved Transmission Efficiency
  3. Enhanced Wear Protection
  4. Optimized Cooling
  5. Extended Transmission Life
  6. Reduced Maintenance Costs
  7. Improved Drivability
  8. Reduced Transmission Noise
  9. Peace of Mind


The importance of the transmission oil is inevitable, rather it is the most important fluid of your 4L60E transmission system. Due to such high importance, the need for quality transmission oils is vital. These transmission oils will keep your 4L60E automatic transmission protected while boosting the performance by a mile.

This list of the best transmission fluid for 4L60E automatic transmission is written to give you a clearer idea of which oil to get for your gear set. I believe now you have gathered enough idea about which one to get for your4L60E transmission system. So don’t wait and get the best for you.

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