Common Amsoil Problems: Know The Dark Side Of Amsoil

There’s no way you are a racing enthusiast and haven’t heard of Amsoil. Even though it’s not advertised in your local retail stores, it produces one of the best engine oil lines right now. But there is a dark side of amsoil as well. 

The main Amsoil problem is its price point, which can be beyond the user’s budget sometimes. Apart from that, the Multi-level marketing strategy is seen as doubtful and fishy. 

If you are considering buying the best quality engine oil for your vehicle, Amsoil might be on the list. But before you take it down due to the allegations it receives online, kindly read the entire article.

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What Are The Allegations Against Amsoil-The Dark Side of Amsoil

Amsoil, situated in Wisconsin, USA, produces different ranges of synthetic engine oil, lubricant, and filters. But since its launch in 1972, it has had to face several allegations. Let’s go through the dark side of Amsoil and see how many of the allegations are actually true.

#1. Products Are Not API Certified-Hence Not Reliable

The first major argument against the integrity of Amsoil products is the lack of various certifications. 21st-century customers are well aware of industry standards and only want an API (American Petroleum Institute) or GM DEXOS 2-certified oil/lubricant inside their vehicles. 

However, Amsoil fails to fulfil this requirement. The signature series oil (one among the three series) is not submitted to receive an API certificate. That leads people to doubt the brand’s credibility. Why doesn’t it want to pass the test if it’s so good?

What Does Amsoil Say About It?

The XL and OE series from Amsoil are API certified. So, it’s wrong to say that none of their products have passed the minimum standards. 

It’s just that the cost of registration for a single test is around $2,50,000. If the product needs further modifications, the cost can easily reach up to $10,00,000. Amsoil chose to invest this money in product research and development. 

That being said, if you are keen to use an API-certified Amsoil product, stick with the XL or OE series. Some renowned and user-favorite items from these categories are 5W-20 (XLM), 10W-30 (XLT), 10W-40 (XLO), and 15W-40 (PCO).

Amsoil problems


#2. Amsoil Is A Pyramid Scam

Even if it sounds weird, there are allegations that Amsoil is not a real product. It’s nothing but a scam. The lack of TV advertisements and shelf placement at local stores contributes to this idea.

Moreover, the number of online dealers is increasing rapidly. The whole mechanism looks a bit fishy at a glance, like a pyramid scam. Before we go further, check out how much a dealer actually makes through Amsoil dealership:

profittier schedule for

What Does Amsoil Have To Say About It

It’s actually true that Amsoil doesn’t rely on big promotions on TV to gain customers. Instead, they run a mechanism called MLM (multi-level marketing). Individual or team dealers are invited to access the training and dealership discount. 

It’s the dealer’s job now to look for a new buyer using any method, mostly through online platforms. With each sale, the dealer receives a commission. You can earn a lot or nothing, depending on your expertise. It’s by no means a scam. 

Differences between Amsoil’s marketing strategy and A pyramid scam:

AmsoilPyramid scam
Offers a physical productNo real product to sell.
Income isn’t guaranteed through sign-upsIncome is usually generated by new sign-ups
Multi-level marketing is legalIt is illegal

#3. Amsoil Is Overpriced

Another common complaint against Amsoil is its price-point. A staple like an engine oil should be more affordable. However, Amsoil doesn’t seem to care about this problem, considering some of their products can cost $13 per quart.

It’s true that Amsoil first introduced the market to full-synthetic engine oil. But it’s not the 90s anymore. Many new brands have launched synthetic oils since then without going overboard with the prices. 

What Does Amsoil Say About It?

Amsoil openly admits that its products are priced on the higher end. The signature series products are designed for top-notch racing performances. The properties are definitely more premium.

But, if you are looking for something affordable, stick with the XL and OE series. Both categories offer products for daily commuters within an affordable range.

#4. Amsoil Is Not 100% Synthetic

Amsoil has the label of 100% synthetic oil on its packaging. But some users accuse Amsoil of using misinformation. The fact is that Amsoil is really not 100% synthetic oil. Only the base of an engine lubricant can be 100% pure. Amsoil blends the base with more additives during production.

What Does Amsoil Have To Say About It

In one sense, these allegations are true, but Amsoil only mixes extra chemicals with base oil to increase its performance. The final lubricant is more resistant to high temperature, and oxidation, and also less noisy. 

It wouldn’t be possible to incorporate so many characteristics without manipulating the base. We believe you wouldn’t pay for only pure base oil in the name of engine oil.

Common Amsoil Problems

Amsoil problems-Why Some Mechanics Won’t Recommend It?

When choosing the right engine oil/lubricant for your vehicle, a mechanic’s opinion matters the most. So, it’s totally understandable why you get scared when a mechanic warns you regarding Amsoil. Here are the dark side of amsoil means its problems.

1. Thinner Consistency

If you have always used mineral/conventional oil in your car, it will be a big change switching to Amsoil. Synthetic oil tends to be thinner than conventional oil. 

It causes the engine oil to flow even through small creeks, which is bad news for older model owners. If your vehicle’s engine has a deteriorated seal, gasket or small creeks, Amsoil lubricants will easily leak outside.

2. High Amount Of Cleaning Agent

Amsoil full synthetic oil contains potent detergent in its formula. These agents clean up the sludges at a molecular level. But it causes unintentional trouble for the older cars. 

Older vehicles don’t contain precise/airtight engine gaskets. That’s why, the sludges that originated from conventional oil breaking down actually tighten up the seal even more. 

So, the full synthetic Amsoil on such cars can dissolve those sludges causing the seal to leak.

3. Reduce Refill Breaks

You don’t have to worry about refilling up to 25000 miles with Amsoil. That means, no more check-up or engine inspection after every 1000 to 2000 miles. 

But that’s not commendable if your vehicle requires frequent maintenance. Again, it mostly happens with older models. The engine might not be in a good condition, requiring you to inspect it sometimes.

Switching to Amsoil might end this routine for you. As a result, you wouldn’t notice minor damages within the engine.


Amsoil surely has some problems. But it’s up to you to decide whether the issues outweigh the benefits. For now, let’s focus on our small FAQ section about the dark side of amsoil.

Do I Have To Pay To Be A Dealer?

Yes, you have to pay a registration fee after completing the application process. After that, the Amsoil team assigns another dealer to help you understand the system. You get their catalog, discounts, magazines, starter kit, and so on.

How Can I Place An Order?

The best way to place an order is by using Amsoil’s official website. You can also use the link provided by a verified dealer. And, if you become a dealer yourself, you are eligible to place orders at a 25% discount.

Which Vehicles Are Not Suitable For Amsoil Engine Oil?

Almost every type of vehicle, be it a car, boat, or ATV, can use the Amsoil products without fear. However, fully synthetic oils offer up to 25,000 miles without a refill. If your car is too old and won’t be able to handle such a long ride without maintenance, you should stick to conventional oil.

Is AMSOIL good or bad?

AMSOIL is a popular brand of synthetic lubricants that are known for their high performance and durability. AMSOIL products are typically more expensive than conventional lubricants, but many people believe that they are worth the investment.

Why is AMSOIL so expensive?

AMSOIL is more expensive than other brands of synthetic and conventional oil for a few reasons:

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Extensive research and development
  • Limited distribution


The complaint we hear most about Amsoil products is just a misunderstanding. Even though a higher price is an actual issue, we can justify it by the quality. 

Also, the marketing strategy chosen by Amsoil is not typical. It’s unique, but not a scam. In fact, let’s see it through a different lens. The company is trying to make a big impact on society by empowering small entrepreneurs. 

Moreover, Amsoil puts more emphasis on product development than on getting a certificate. It’s commendable, since almost every product fulfills the minimum criteria imposed by the API. 

Now I think you get a complete idea about the dark side of amsoil means its problems.

So, that was all we had to say. What’s your opinion on Amsoil products now? Let us know.

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